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Assignment Photography

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I provide commercial and editorial assignment photography in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. If you have a product you can ship to be photographed, or if you have a service you provide that requires a photographer at your location, consider Joel Schnell-Photographer.

My clients hire me because I can consistently produce great photography within their time and budget. Capable of envisioning how the shot will look before execution. Expert in image workflow, color calibration, and delivery of inspired images.

Case Study One:

Mason Shoe Company hires me to work with a local creative director to shoot shoes they ship to us. The client is not on set during the shoot, we provide them with location scouting and layouts of how the products will look in advance.

Mason Shoe

Case Study Two:

Gear Grid hires me to come into their location to photography their craftsman at work and the products they produce. The client knows I am skilled at working in industrial locations. Gear Grid

Case Study Three:

Quayside Publishing hires me for editorial photography of DIY books including the industry-leading Black and Decker titles. Each book requires a storytelling mix of shots of the raw materials and tools for a project, the actual construction, and a beauty shot of the finished piece. A mix of studio and location photography was required for the DIY Projects for the Self-Sufficient Homeowner book.

Self-Sufficient Homeowner book

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Joel is a photographer and editor of ruffedgrouseminnesota.com. He has over 10 years editorial experience photographing the industry-leading Black and Decker Home DIY books on home improvement, dog training, lifestyles and green living; and dozens of other titles for Quayside Publishing. His commercial assignment work clients include many of Minnesota's largest corporations. He is director of photography on DSLR motion projects and has worked on several locally produced films. From his hunting camp about 40 miles from Duluth, he photographs, hunts, trains dogs, canoes, fishes, snowmobiles, and enjoys cabin life. His photographic travels have included the Rocky Mountain states, Pacific Northwest and Midwest. With his trusty Jeep and brittany Maggie beside him, his hunting and fishing travels include Minnesota, the Dakotas, Ontario, and Wisconsin. Visit his work at www.ruffedgrouseminnesota.com.


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