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So much in common,

Merry Christmas to most of the rest of you too. Except to those that think ranchers/farmers are evil. And the ones that think the gubmint is the best control on resources. And the ones that voted for Obama. And the ones that think the 2nd Amendment is too far-reaching and shouldn't cover AR's.

And yet so far apart,

Oh, and the setter guys.



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See, now ya got him riled up. And the Moderator cant take a break, even for Christmas.

Merry Ho Ho Ho Christmas

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How's your fleagles?

Fleagles? How are my fleagles you ask? My fleagles are not setters, they were not sissied up for Christmas, that's how they are. Other'n that I got one doing really well and the other not so much. The one busts brush looking for trouble, does a nice job on trail other than being a mite to quick yet and cutting the track, and pushed 2 rabbits back to the sons yesterday of the 3 they got. The other eases around the brush, takes the easy route, not worth a **** on track yet, and won't open on trail. THink I'll get her ears checked just for kicks.

The one that's doing well is a contrast to my last 2 hounds. One of those two chopped the other bawled with a note like a bell ringing, it was beautiful. This young one sounds like you're trying to pull her guts out her @ss. God what an ugly voice.

Beagles trump renewable energy any day.

Bryan, the wife is doing everything a one-armed person could be expected to do. But I ain't lettin' up on her, told her I'd set the ladder up tonight so's she can clean the ceiling fans tomorrow.

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What all y'all think about a minivan so I can fill err up full of setters.

Well, that of course is a secondary decision. First you must determine which strap vest is best, followed by what footwear you should get. I think this would require at least four seperate topics be posted. Two in Gear and gadgets for boots and vest, one in Bird Dogs and Hunting as to what to look for in picking a setter and one in General Discussion on picking a minivan. Maybe even a poll, "should I choose a minivan with a timing belt or timing chain?"

These are the kind of important decisions that require the input of total strangers/experts.

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