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MORE Photobucket posting pix woes...

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Thanks Coalman. This is the problem from what I can see

The URL part of the IMG code is a redirect back to the photobucket site that was added recently. To have that portion of the code removed from your IMG links, go to your User Settings, then the Albums tab, and uncheck the box to "link back to albums". That will remove the URL redirect code from all of your IMG codes in your account.

Please note that it will not remove the redirect link from previously linked images. It only applies to images you link out after the change.

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Pictures at last.   Coalman was kind enough to help this caveman figure out how to post pictures and wade through my problems with photobucket.  So I will do a quick re-intro with photos so everyone will know I am real.   Here I am.DSCN1138_zps1588583d.jpg  And here is oDSCN1349_zpsfeb33e50.jpgne of my dog Radar.
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