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lackey was fabulous. tillman pitched ok after a shakey start. good news is it seems our pitchers are finally getting their act together. we just need to generate more offense. in the end, ill take 2 out of 3 in fenway any day. my o's still have a tough road, and finish the season with the sox at home. i guess thats ok, because the o's actually have a winning record against boston this year.
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The Pittsburgh Pirates have finally clinched a playoff spot! I don't care if they lose the wildcard game or are out in the first round.  This has been a long time coming.  Go Bucs!
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He sure was last night.

Todd, Helton's farewell to Coors Field seemed to go on all night and I almost wonder if Peavy served up that second inning home run ball to him.

In other news, the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs for only the second time since 1995 when the Rays beat them in New York last night.

The playoffs are becoming more defined since both the Rays and Indians have won eight of their last ten to put a bit of space between themselves and Texas, while KC has apparently decided they'd rather go hunting and fishing in October than continue to play baseball.

In the National league all playoff teams are decided and the only thing left to sort out is which of the top three central division teams is in which playoff position. The Cards' magic number to win the division is down to one and only there's one game difference between the Bucs and the Reds.

Boston is playing for home field advantage throughout the playoffs, but you can feel the team's reduction in intensity since they clinched the east. Hopefully that confident expectation of winning every game that got them to this point will return just in time for a run to the world series.

Go Red Sox!!!

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Obviously the Brewers are out of it...but last night's game was probably the most entertaining they have been all season.  The Gomez prompted fight along with Lohse's pitching performance made for a good ball game.
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The sawx might be on the verge of something similar to what the yanks accomplished in the nineties.

It all began with developing home grown talent that blossomed at the same time (Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettite, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera).

Surrounding them with good clubhouse guys and veteran leaders like Paul Oneill and Scott Brosius. A key trade brought in Tino Martinez to play 1b.

They didn't have the highest payroll or any super stars at any given position.

The 13 version of the sawx has many similarities. Ellsbury, Pedroia, Middlebrooks, Lester, Bucholtz are all home grown and thriving at the same time. Good complementary players for their positions like Drew and Salty and Victorino. A key trade from the past had brought in big Papi ,when the Twins gave up on him. An astute signing of Napoli has created a buzz saw of an offense that knocks out good pitchers early in games and wears down opposing bullpens. A stellar pen, much like Mo and his counterparts in the late 90's.

It all starts with home grown talent and chemistry and not necessarily bloated pay rolls. The sawx tried that and failed and are lucky the dodgers got them off the hook by taking becket, gonzalez and Crawford.

This wont be one and done type run Im afraid. Xander Boagarts is a star in the making at SS and they have very promising  pitching depth in the minors.

Last night many witnessed the end of an era at Yankee stadium. For sawx fans it could be the beginning of a long sustained run atop the AL East.

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What a week of baseball ahead... Rangers vs Rays, winner to face the Indians, and then on to my beloved Red Sox on Friday... One of the best playoff scenarios I can remember for some time. Would love to see Terry Francona return to Fenway! Of course, this time, I am hoping he leaves dissapointed ...  :D  :D  :D  :D
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Rangers  vs Tribe

Should be an excellent game!!

Winner goes on to Boston.


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