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2014 Maine Buck

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8 Pt, 180 lbs dressed on my hanging scale. Felt bigger on the 1/2 mile drag with buddy Scott and finagling onto gambrel and up a tree by myself with my hoist. But Im not complaining.

A gift as all Maine bucks are. Came right into an open field at 4:10 PM looking for whatever was making the bleat and grunt calls. Walked right towards me as I sat inside woods edge on the ground on a stool. I tripped trigger with 7mm-08 at 40 or so yards with him slightly quartering but almost straight on. Almost buggered it up by clicking off safety rather than easing it off. Rookie move. He stopped at sound but committed. He bucked at shot and made a mad scramble 80 or so yards to woods edge. I couldn't find a speck of blood or hair for the last 20 minutes of light and was about to weep...did a last ditch circle into woods with flashlight and gave up, figuring Id have a sleepless night and return in am. I happened to look into woods on way out on trail alongside field and saw some light rocks or something and decided to check...just in case. There he lay dead.

Bullet likely never exited body going into his left shoulder where it meets neck and proceeding though body and maybe still in opposite ham. All bloodied up inside upon field dressing by flashlight.

A call to Scott, who drove 45 minutes to help, a reasonable drag to vehicle and done deal. Exhausted. Love this shiit.

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Nice!  I thought all you big woods Maine deer hunters tracked them to their beds in the snow.  That looks downright tropical.
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This afternoon I was toting my close quarters, banged up Remington Model Seven in 7mm-08 on this small secluded field of 100+- yards edge to edge. Been carrying the Winchester Model 70 in 7mm-08 PC sold me when hunting distances like Powerlines. Thats a sweet rifle, so nice I almost hate to bang it up in the woods.

The drag was actually good. My buddy Scott drove out and met me. I fashioned a pull stick with a rope attached to antlers. We stood shoulder to shoulder, reached back and grabbed opposite sides of the stick and slicked it to truck, with breaks along the way. Temps were in 30's so good drag conditions. Pulling it into tree with hoist alone was a bitch though.

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