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2014 UJ Fly Swap


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Hey Guys

I’ve been in touch with John (jbeck) about the UJ 2014 Fly Swap and with his current schedule; SwapMeister is not going to fit.

So, I’m going to TRY and fill his extra-large shoes and hopefully carry on the UJ Fly Swap Tradition.

I’ll cut & paste some of the “general” rules from the 2013 swap and follow them for 2014.

These are the general rules:

- Each tier will tie 1 fly for each participant, plus one extra - the extra fly will be donated to Brad for use how he sees fit (perhaps an auction)

- Commitment deadline - Saturday, January 19th (this is when people need to commit to tying and declare what they are tying).

- Completion deadline - Flies should be completed and in the mail to me by March 1st.  I'll PM the participants my mailing address.  Flies will be mailed to the tiers as soon as possible after they have all be received.

- Flies should be mailed in some sort of reusable container that is large enough to hold all the flies that are going back to you.  Put your real name, UJ name, and mailing address in or on the box so I know who to return it to.

There is only one really firm rule on this:  Participants MUST include a postage paid return envelope to get your flies back to you. So, if you forget your postage paid return envelope, think of it like donating your flies to Brad's pile for auction purposes!

I have no particular theme in mind other than I liked the idea of swapping your local pattern for one of my local patterns.

At this point I have no idea what I’ll be tying, especially since  the PA late season grouse comes in this Monday and I plan on being tied up chasing the timber chicken until late January.

Who's in??

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No theme, it's more buffet style. little bit of everything.

Your local pattern, tied with some of your newly acquired grouse feathers would be a nice touch.  :)

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Sounds like fun. I will let you know what I am tying. I imagine it will be a tungsten head rubber leg stone fly. Kill trout on it as an anchor fly.
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LostintheUplands, thanks for picking this up!  There are some fantastic tiers on the board!  Good luck with the swap.

Sure thing not a problem (yet)

So I can put you down as being IN?? ???

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No.  I wish I could, but as of right now, it seems I'll be visiting Hong Kong and Melbourne Australia in the first quarter of the year, with Singapore and Tokyo also up in the air.  I just won't have the time to commit.
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Hey I think whatever floats your boat should be ok. I am sure some saltwater patterns could work well in some warm water settings for pike and musky. Still debating on what I would like to tie.

I tie pretty good stone flies, and buggers.

These hoppers were done for my supervisor at work, he went out to Montana and said they crushed them on these hoppers. I didn't like how long the legs were but that is what he wanted. Customer always knows best right ;) he said his guide even borrowed some for his father for the trip so that made me feel good. I think they look terrible with the unproportional legs and such but I am not the Judge the trout are ;)


I am a diehard nymph fisherman. Here is a look at my nymph box to start the year ;) Don't hate the fact that my fly box has more beads than marti-gras :)


I like my tails a bit longer, and hares ears a bit thicker than most. I am a bit different with following propotions and such. I am fortunate to live in an area with a lot of great trout fishing right out of my back door, so I can test tons of patterns.

Here are some big HEAVY anchor flies I tied up. They work but you cant use these guys with an indicator.



Stone fly box


These are my most productive stoneflies for winter fishing. Similar to a hares ear pattern. I love tying with squirrel as well.


Couple more nymphs. the green and black is my twisted caddis. Caught a lot of rainbows on that last year.


And here are just a few pictures to let you guys know that my flies do work...Sometimes ;)



One of those big ugly stones at work



more ugly buggy stones


some coyote streamers :)





Let me know what you guys want me to whip up and I will do it. Cant wait to hit the vice!!!

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This should be a good time.  Changed my fly from the Usual to a bead head pheasantail soft hackle.
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