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Maine Moose Hunt 2007

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One more memory to add to the old' 99!

You'll remember the hunt everytime you handle that gun.....just as it should be!

*I just realized this congrat post to you was #1999!

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L. Gallagher

Wow, what an awesome animal. Congratulations!

I've only seen three bull moose in the wild, ever-in the Teton National Park in Wyoming, what a sight that was-all three of them, including a trophy bull, were all together.

But I've had the privilege of eating moose several times, and I envy you the meals to come. Lots of them, it looks like.

PS-Can you explain the "sub-permittee" part? How does that work?

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Wow, Brad!  That is a heckofa handsome Moose!  I've watched some of the hunting shows on tv and am always startled by how fugly many of the bulls are - but yours is a total gorgeous beast.

Will you share photos of the taxiderm job when you get it back?  (takes like almost a year or so if I understand right...?)

Stupid new hunter (and not near big game yet...) question - do you get to keep the hide as a nice rug or blanket or something?  It looks really warm and a beautiful color.  (colour for my canook friends)

Dang that's a beauty.

Guess I know who to ask soon what Moose tastes like!

Thank you for sharing the photos, and I am sure you already know that we would all welcome more pics - greedy vicarious hunters that we are!


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Answers to some questions:

When applying for the annual Maine Moose permit lottery you can designate a subpermittee to participate in the hunt. Usually a close relative like a brother or father or best hunting buddy. The actual permittee by law must be present during the hunt, but either person can shoot the moose. With only 2,880 permits available this allows more people to be actively involved and contribute to what amounts to a complicated, strenuous and expensive endeavor. My subpermittee has been waiting and applying for 27 years with no luck-since the lottery began in 1980, me for 25 years since '82.

Too late for me to keep the hide for tanning since I had it skinned with about 3/4's of the hide intact in case I decide to have a full head shoulder mount done. Alan Briere had a moose hide tanned. Its pretty nice.

The butcher sliced off some loin for me to taste-I'm aging it in fridge and will indulge tomorrow night. I expect the call to go pick up all the steaks, roasts, burger and sausage by end of week.

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Wow! Congratulations on such a trophy moose Brad! I do hope you decide to have the mount done. When Camp UJ becomes a reality, this beast should be hanging over the mantle.
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Great job Brad,Glad things worked out for you.That is one thing I always will be wanting to do(for the last 22 years anyway). You know now the .300 can get the job done and will have a special place in the memory book.

Enjoy the bird hunting now. no more restless nites,,  Till deer season.

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Woohoo, that is one nice trophy.

We had a big New Year's Eve feed in Eagle Plains last year. He had done a beautiful job on a huge moose roast. He had marinaded it in coffee and a few spices overnight. Then he rubbed and encrusted it in coffee grounds and slow roast bbq until medium rare.

Stuff apple slices in a roast then pour gingerale over it or make filet mignon steaks with apple slices. I found tomatoes or tomato based sauces to make the gamy flavour overpowering. Makes for good chili though.

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I don't know anything about hunting a moose, but there is nothing finer to eat than a moose burger.

Good job boys.


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Thanks for the info. Interesting. So, is this a lifetime hunt or can you apply again? I assume your buddy can, since he was a "sub-permittee".

Here in Michigan, a tag for a bull elk is a once in a lifetime deal, if you get a tag for a cow, you have to wait ten years before you can apply again, doesn't matter whether you score or not.  

Prior to that, purely by chance, some people were drawn twice. There's only about 150 tags a year, 20 of which will be for a bull. Out of an average 45,000 applications per year over almost 20 years before the rules changed. Now, we have a "point" system, but it doesn't matter how many points you get, unless you hang in there, and the elk do, too, for another 25 years. Almost everyone who applies has been doing so since the modern hunts began in 86. The only thing that stops most people from applying is dying...LOL

I'm one of the many people who have applied annually since 86, and now, according to the DNR, I have five points under the new system. Along with everybody else.

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Whatever portion of the skin is still available Brad, I'd suggest tanning it. It makes a great rug, throw, subject for a no waste of game article, fly tying material, and on and on. The whole beetle thing is a great story.

Here is the hide Cheryl and I had tanned from our moose hunt in '04, with a '06 deer hide for comparison.

Congrats my friend. That's a beauty.



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Michael Stenstrom
Great Brad!  Done the right way.  Back in the woods with a call, rather than a step out of the truck and pop it in the road.  Congrats!  Enjoy the fine eats!
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