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Maine Moose Hunt 2007

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Congratulations Brad, that's a beauty of a bull! The 300 did a fine job for you. Sure must be a lot of satisfaction taking such a fine animal with a classic caliber!

Nothing much finer than a freezer full of moose meat.

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I had to stop for a second after reading the caption to photo #5 [/gutterbrain]

Good looking animal, I hope you have a lot of recipies ready to try!

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Your the man!

Mount that moose or you'll regret it.  Figure out where to hang it later.  Wasn't a Cabelas moving in down the street from your town?

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First off, many congrats!!  And to have done it with the Savage, well, now that 99 will mean even more to you!  I'm hoping to use my '95 Winchester this fall for a cow elk.

I'd agree, figure where to hang the head later, get a shoulder mount done.  You can always find a place at another time or even store it if you must.  Ask your taxidermist about mounting the antlers in such a way as to have them removable.  Usually this is another $150-$200 but it allows you to get it in the house, mail it, store it, etc., without the extra bulk of the antlers in the way.  They usually use a 3 rod type system to index the antlers correctly (drilling up through the scull cap and into the base at three angles and inserting rods, then cutting the horns off the bases).  I saw this done at a taxidermist in NM and it was a slick system, well worth the extra money, in my opinion.

Congrats again.  A safe and successful hunt with good friends and a fine rifle.  Can't ask for more than that.

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Very nice looking bull there!  Good to see the old savage handled the job too.  Got off easy--can be a LOT more work than that--to find 'em, but especially to get them out.
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Breakfast Boy
Whatever portion of the skin is still available Brad, I'd suggest tanning it. It makes a great rug, throw, subject for a no waste of game article, fly tying material, and on and on.

Or auction item here on UJ.   :D

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Thanks to all for the pats on the back.

I have one medium chest freezer and I plugged in another old small chest freezer yesterday and it isn't working so I gotta go buy another. A friend up the street might sell me his chest freezer. Gotta go see if he will help me get it to house and into the barn.

I'll spin this Topic down to the Big Game Forum later so we can get back to upland bird hunting. :)

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