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Who is done and who is still at it?

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Toast...All deer seasons ended at 4:23 yesterday. I was on stand out back hoping a forkhorn that was a regular on my trail cam in afternoon strolled in or maybe a big 8 I also got on cam just once. Darkness descended with a no show.

I'd chock it up as a typical ME deer season for me. Shot a doe with bow in late September. Saw a plethora of does throughout November with rifle in hand and never put the x hairs on anything with horns. Had an almost opportuity on a spike horn with bow a couple weeks ago but he busted me in the tree and bounded out of a shooting lane. Also threw back a button buck a couple days ago as illustrated in my prior post.

So, I had more success and frankly more fun bow hunting than I did rifle and muzzleload hunting. Can't and shouldn't complain, I have some inner loin from the doe thawed out in fridge for dinner tonite.

Plus grouse is still open and weather looks good for some bird hunts with Cash next week.

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I has been a tough weekend to hunt deer. Dense fog like I am not used to. On Saturday it finally cleared mid afternoon and the winds were 30+. My son and I did not connect. It was a good time together and good to see the pheasant, quail and turkey.

This morning it is pouring.

Saturday evening I was treated to another beautiful sunset on the prairie. The tall plant in my grass is maximilian sunflower.


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