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The 2016 "How this place works" Topic

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Dear Visitors, Guests, Members and Contributing Members.

After 14 plus years the heart and soul of the Upland Journal website remains the Upland Journal Bulletin Board. I am acutely aware of how important the contributions and participation of all its members is for the future of the Upland Journal Discussion Forums.


The Subscription/Donations structure will not change much for 2016 and Member groups will enjoy more advanced privileges with this new Board. (I have increased minimum Donation from $20 to $25 to reflect new Data requirements)


I will continue to persuade members to become Contributing Members in 2016 but try not to jam it down throats. The HARD Sell: This advanced new Board has a monthly cost for Cloud Hosting and Data associated with it. In addition I pay monthly to host the original UJ website and UJ email. Support from members has never been more important given the large amount of content that was converted/migrated successfully from old Board. Support from Members also helps to keep the BB from becoming too commercial with loads of flashing ads like other sites/BB's, and that the UJ BB remains predominantly public not private. And lastly I spend considerable time administrating and moderating this largely public/open board. Certainly a year of support is worth the cost of a large cheese pizza w/a couple toppings. I honestly appreciate it.


NOTE: I will contact current Contributing Members through board Messaging when a year has passed since last Subscription/Donation to see if they wish to renew.




You decide what UJ and the Upland Talk Bulletin Board means to you for 2016-the cost of a magazine subscription, maybe less, maybe more. Contributions help pay for hosting, server space/bandwidth, site/BB development, upgrades, administrating and moderating.  
With a minimum donation of $25 the 2016 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER group will enjoy additional bulletin board capabilities. Display advertisers if participating members of the board are placed in Contributing Members Group.


Subscription/Donation Paypal/Snail Mail Page


The Donating/Contributing Member Group enjoys the ability to Upload Images directly to Topics and Replies. Contributing Members can browse and place, or drag and drop, multiple photos...from their computers, tablets and smart phones. (This Board is completely mobile friendly without the need for an outsourced app.) This Group can also attach URL/s Photos from photohost sites like Photobucket etc. All posted photos are hi res and sized to Board specifications. 
A Swap & Trade classified ad Forum and an Upland Artisans Forum to be utilized by the Contributing Member Group but can be seen by all Member groups and Visitors to the Board. There is no longer any time limit to edit ads/Posts and they are now left open rather than locked.


There is extra functionality enabled for the Cojntributing Member Group such as no time limit on editing posts, and once the new Board is fully populated and developed I will detail all those out.


UJ Grouse or Woodcock decals are available upon requested by renewing C-Members.


Please accept my sincere thanks to all those who participated on and supported UJ and me personally in 2015.




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