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Crazy great game, Packers quit on offense by not trying to get 1st downs and there defense gave up big plays down the stretch. Long ride home for the Cheese heads.
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Can the Colts pull it out?

Not looking like it after that interception ???

And resulting one play touchdown run :upside:

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This thread got very quiet suddenly . :D

My thoughts

New England - Baltimore was the AFC Championship

Luck is great but still young and having the poise to come back is everything .

Even though Pats won big , I see a team that can be beat .

Seattle was the better team but turnovers almost cost them .

New England - Seattle should be a great game .

TURNOVERS and Pass interference will change everything .

I'm a Pats fan and B&B are the best but

I'll give the edge to Seattle , they are hungry and man have they got momentum .

I look forward to what the spread is .


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Great game in miserable New England weather. Only thing better would have been snow instead of rain. Man that Edelman is an athlete...what was that other guys name? Whiz Wanker or something like that...
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I feel badly for the GB TE who muffed the onside kick.  What a ball buster.

Why? He had his time to shine and instead pulled a 'Bartman'. Fans will remember his name for decades, and not fondly.  Ha-Ha-Ha Dix - someone please check his ticket to make sure hes in the right seat as he clearly was a fan on the 2 pt try. That ball is still floating up in the Air somewhere.

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All I can say is ''double WOW''


Not a Packers fan but I love the way Rogers plays and was hoping he'd get another shot at the big dance.

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