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Another one bites the dust. . .

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A little luck goes a long way. Opening day in Wisconsin was my lucky day. This buck and I had a run-in in October on the 22nd and he won. I was bow hunting with my grandson and the Buck slipped away.

Mine with my muzzleloader. 

Amazing what getting up early and climbing a mountain will get ya. . . Blow by blow later after I shower and regroup.


The drag rope and stick.

This is the only way to drag out a big buck solo. Since I hunt alone in a lot in places not fit for humans my method is to carry a length of rope and fashion a stout stick (leatherman w/saw blade comes in handy) which I attach to rope/deer. I then walk 40-50 yards ahead clearing a path and leave my coat and gun ahead, walk back to deer, turn around, grab stick and haul to my coat/gun. Repeat, repeat, repeat. . . . . . . The drag sticks become another momento that I have piled on a set of antlers attached to the back of my barn.

Got to make some calls to get him caped out/to butcher then get cape to the guy who did my last mount. The work never ends til the meat is packaged and in the deep freeze.

Thanks for the congrats-and letting me share this hunt with all of you.

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Nice buck and nice arrow placement.

I wish. . . 7mm-08 pill did the deed.

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Beautiful deer, Brad. Bucks like that make even me consider deer hunting again...but very few deer in Michigan would even be half what this one is.

Someone mentioned Orwell, Ohio. I was a couple of miles northeast of there a week ago Saturday night, when, after several hours of preserve hunting, my son and I ran into two other members of the club my son belongs to. One of them had arrowed a big buck from his ground blind an hour or so before, and they were looking for the preserve caretaker to help them track the deer and get permission, if necessary, to track it onto the neighbor's property.

They found it 150 or so yards away, right on the property line. A perfect lung shot-the deer ran on adrenaline as far as he did, then just quit.

My son joined them, I waited with the radio in the truck in case they needed a vehicle closer. An hour or so later, here they came with this absolutely magnificent buck. A 9 point, an old bruiser, he had very few teeth. Beams were like gnarly old tree trunks. I haven't seen a deer like that in Michigan in years. He had a 26 inch inside spread.

Hunts like that and Brad's are what it should all be like...real hunts for real deer. (the club is mostly a sporting clays club, my son is one of the few who actually hunt on the property, it's not fenced, and the deer are absolutely wild and free range).

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Looks to be a two tined trophy.  One for a magnificent animal and one for the body shop (gym rat) that got his fanny up to where the big ones play.

Congrats on your hunt!


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Your story had a happy ending, Brad. Not so with a friend who sent me this Friday

" Tomorrow will be a great day. My first full day in the woods. I will pursue the “Falling Brook Buck”. You know the one that rubs 7” diameter spruce trees!!!!  That sucker is coming down! The Falling Brook Buck will be falling in front of me tomorrow.

Oh well, my mind is there. The anticipation of the hunt is a thrill. The hunt itself is to control your thoughts, sticking to a plan, and staying alert and in the game every minute.

My old buddy! Do you have any air photos for that area you could e mail. "

A couple of hours later I get

"Its over!!

Just found out half hour ago from my contact guy. He said he thinks that buck was taken last Saturday by a  guy from Hilden. He thinks this is the name. I can’t find it in the phone book. I phoned Roops and they don’t have anyone registered under that name.  Whether this is the name or not there was a big racked buck taken on the power line just before it takes a north swing you will see a small pond or lake. That’s the spot. Word is it had 14 scoreable points and very wide. If that isn’t Falling Brook Buck  I’ll be surprised. Looks like Plan B hunting for me tomorrow. What do you think? "

Monday I get

" I talked to the hunter  Sunday  and asked him about this buck. His story made me sick! He said he didn't know about that buck, as a matter of fact he didn't even hunt last year. He just felt like going out that day. He walked through a trail that lead to the power line. He said there are snowmobile trails through that area. He noticed a bag full of apples on a trail and decided to go that way. He came to the power line and started up  the hill, looked up the power line and saw the buck laying down. It was 9 am. The buck didn't get up. He shot in the back bone when it tried to get up. He told me he didn't see the deer all he saw was horns! His son has it and will get it mounted. They didn't have a Big Game contest tag but what he was telling me I think it would win the widest spread. They measured it at 30". Long points and even a 7" drop tine. That had to be the same buck. I asked if the brow tines were spaced wide apart and he thought they were. One good thing for me at least I will see what I was dreaming about all summer.

Side note: This is not the same buck that people were seeing on top of  the Mtn. It was spotted last Saturday night standing in the ditch. Decribed as a nice buck with a big rack. "

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Nice deer there!  Gotta love those little guns and that round.  No better all-around deer gun in my book.

We haul our deer out that way sometimes too, but when alone-- or if they are big--we usually use a piece of heavy, slick plastic with ropes and grommets to cinch the deer up.  Slides much better that way.    

Far as I know the big one is still out there where I hunt, though probably a bit east of me.  Taking a day or two off then back at it for 4 days.  Lots of hunters make it difficult, but we get a little elbow room after opening weekend.

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Looks to be a two tined trophy.  One for a magnificent animal and one for the body shop (gym rat) that got his fanny up to where the big ones play.

Oh gawd...that's all he needed to hear.  I can see him kissing his biceps now.

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Brad, whoa!  Awesome hunting and shooting!  Amazing deer!  Great story and pictures to boot.  Thanks for posting it, made my day sitting here in the office in Houston.  At least someone is out doing something worthwhile.


M V McDonald, did you say "Benoit"?

Recall my older brother many years ago cut out an article from some outdoor magazine titled something like "The Benoits always get their Bucks".  These guys were all up in Maine somewhere.  So we, my brothers and hunting buddies, started calling ourselves the Benoit Brothers -- there was Blade, Bugsy, Buck, Bagwan etc.   To this day, we crack each other up with making up Benoit Brother names when someone does something really good; or, really funny.

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