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Virgil Kane

Paladin = Richard Boone

A chess piece that looks like a horse (Knight?)

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You guys are smart.  I cannot answers the questions until you post the answers.

What was the "shootest" name in the movie starring John Wayne?  I don't know the answer and won't until someone posts.

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I'll play

what was the name of the Star Trek episode which featured small furry critters which inundated the Enterprise, and which NCC version of the Enterprise was inundated and who was the Captain?

I believe the episode name is "The Trouble With Tribbles".  The Capt. is James T. Kirk.  I believe the # is NCC-1701.  It was the first version used on the original series.  The series with William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

nice job, all correct, thanks for playing along!

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The day the music died.

Buddy Holly

Richie Valens  


who was going to go, but didn't

Waylon Jennings!

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Pflug.....Jo Ann....always loved the "knowing smile" on her face as she gets into the helicopter after fixing the problem the Dentist, "Painless", (and at least once called Painless Pole" in reference to something OTHER THAN his place of birth, indicating that the "POLE" was indeed warranted.....

HORSE.....Dudley Dorights horse's name was HORSE.....

Easy one.....Hondo Lane's dogs name......

A little harder one...."Winchester rifle model most often used in Westerns"........


Model 94 Winchester, correction, this is wrong

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In what year did the folks on Gilligan's Island finally get rescued, and did they return to the island?
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The actor that portrayed Ernest was actually a director for the show, and Ernest appeared in only 5 episodes, I believe.

My favorite line was when Ernest tossed a love note through a window to his sweetie, and Andy asked him how it worked.

"Caught'er right'chere," Ernest said, indicating his forehead.  "She went and married the veterinarian whut sewed her up."

Or at least that's how I remember it.  Haven't watched an episode in years but Ernest was one of TV's most memorable characters, done in only 5 episodes.

One of the Ernest T episodes they were trying to groom him to be presentable to the ladies.  They had a single women’s tea party type event, Barney was there first, Andy came later and asked Barney how were things looking.  Barney’s answer was “If a quail was to fly through here half the women would go in point”   :D  :D  one of the best lines in the entire show.  


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" You ain't heard the last of Ernest T. Bass".

Remember the one where Andy was outshot by the Lady Skeet Champion?

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