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Living on the edge

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I drove from Maine through NH to MA on a Saturday morning.
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I just turned 37 and I think I'm taking up rock climbing. I've got a two day climb scheduled with a friend in two weeks which is totally terrifying

I climbed a rock face once.  Going up was not too hard, coming down was a bitch.

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Last Friday I drove through a flock of 10 turkeys while doing 55 mph down a 2 lane road. Darn birds flew out of a wood lot and across the road right in front of me and although I hit the brakes hard I ended up hitting 2 and killed both of them with the edge of the hood on my truck. Never saw them until they were in the road in front of me.

No damage to my truck but I still can't hear out of my right ear from my wife's screams as we hit the turkey's.  Oo.gif

Now I have to wash turkey $hiit and feathers off the front of my truck all the time listening to the constant ringing in my right ear  :glare:

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I rode bulls through HS.  I'd grown up watching my brother, who was a helluva lot better than me.  All I saw was him winning, him with $, and him with women and that's what I wanted.  

Unfortunately, the way I rode put me on the head of several of 'em.  I was put to sleep in the arena for the 7th time when I was 17yo and then my shoulder got destroyed during a hang-up.  I was out for 6 months recovering from an injury.  Until then, I'd never bothered watching it on TV and it never occurred to me how inherently dangerous it was/is or how ridiculous it would be to try and raise a family that way.  I then went to school and became an electrician.  

Of the few guys that were with me (and better than me) in my youth continued on in their adult lives, 3 of them made it into the PBR circuit (Lucas Dick, Luke Snyder, and Chad Castillo).  I may have dealt with more stress and spent more hours at work during those years, but I suspect my knees, back, etc. feel better than theirs' in the AM!

That's some crazy stuff.  Bull riding is the ultimate extreme sport IMHO.

BTW, Luke Snyder was a helluva bull rider. He also married into the Bass Pro Shops family.

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