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Black Powder hunting

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Well the guns are set I took my Knight out yesterday the temps were in the low 40's clean barrel 100 yards it hit 2 inches high right where I had sighted it in during the summer.  Second shot same place it is ready to go for the season which opens on Halloween.

As I look back over the years I have hunted deer I see that I have killed way more with a Muzzle loader then any other guns I use.  I also see I have never killed a deer with a high power rifle.  I started out using sidelocks with #11 caps moved from there to a inline using #11 and finally got to where I am now using a inline with 209 primers.

The thing is with a Muzzle loader you need to make your first shot count and I can honestly say I have never taken a second shot at a deer I have killed with a Muzzle Loader.

Enjoy your season with your Muzzle loader I know I will.

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