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I am so old, that I.....

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Leapin' Larry Shane (sp)

The Shiek.

Had one of the first Bridgestone 90cc for a trail bike.

63 Chevy Bel Air, straight six three on the tree as first car. Like sitting in the living room.

Tucked my hair behind my ears and pony tail so's I could work at the local grocery store.

Gerald Buck and I would take the single shot 20 g pheasant hunting behind our house. He'd get one and take it home. I'd get one the next night. No dog. We'd get the first days of pheasant and deer seasons off from school.

Was able to drink beer at 18 yo, new law, and then they changed it back at 21 years old. Michigan.

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Me too, and I crammed a 4 year engineering course into an 8 year period.



We listened to the bus driver shouting out updates from his radio to us on way home from school during the '60 world series.  (The greatest home run in baseball history and greatest 7th game of any championship series!)  How did we know the Bucs won?  Running up Indian Drive to get home to hear the game, a bunch of moms ran out of the front doors screaming like banshees that the Pirates won.  Some were banging on pots.  I was 7.

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My family had milk delivered to the door by the milkman...

me too, glass bottles with the foil top!!!

I have a real milk man deliver fresh whole milk in glass bottle once a week. What's the big deal?

I'm not old I'm not even 40 but I have hiked so many flipping chukar mountains my knees are shot my hips feel like they are made of gravel and my left ear never stops ringing.  Not sure if that qualifies me as old or just stupid.

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I remember when everyone sold bricks (ten boxes) of .22 shells and they were or $9.70 per brick.

I still have this bricks! Remington golden tops $10 for a 500. I also have metal Christmas tins full of .22 rounds that have $8rice tags.

We used to gather up glass beer bottles from the side of the road and chuck them in the air and shoot them with our ruger .22s  it wasn't uncommon to shoot 500 in an afternoon. Something I could never afford to do today. Sad!

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Flash Gordon ....Ming scared the crap out of me

loved Rin Tin Tin, lassie and Timmy, Roy and Dale, bad guys didn't get killed they got their guns shot out of their hands, thought the three stooges were hysterical

seat belts lol we used to argue about who got to sleep on the shelf in front of the rear window in the way home from grandmas late on holidays ...six kids in the back seat of a huge Nash and the littlest between mom and dad in front

Fred Bear gave me a personal shooting lesson in an archery shop. I had no clue who he was just some guy that could shoot well.

His Super Kodiak was under $50.

watched live as Alan Shepard did his thing, brave man

watched Jack Ruby kill Lee Harvey Oswald live on tv, my dad couldn't believe it, I really didn't get the importance at the time

We didn't have sex in high school, at least no one I knew did.

hair wax and flat tops were cool

smoked a pack of Camel straights got so sick I never touched another cig

cigarette ads were on tv and they were made out to be healthy

Went to college and saw people smoking pot I had no idea what it was.

My Draft number was 56 but I had already enlisted .

flying home on leave to go deer hunting on Ozark airlines and giving my deer rifle to the stewardess on the plane so she could stick it in a closet up front for me. Ended up running across Ohare airport with it to catch another flight. Nobody cared.

bought shot shells out of a barrel for .05 cents each no digging thru it you got what you got.

gas was .19 cents a gallon and I couldn't get two bucks worth in my beetle

beetles lol we weren't allowed to watch them on our maybe 5 foot long Tv with a 12 inch screen

Mitchell 300s and baseball cards in spokes, paper route on my Schwinn, pumping gas at a Clark station. I have never been unemployed since 7th grade.

Harley's and triumphs were the super bikes. I had a 66 bonneville just a year old and man the girls all wanted to ride on it,I was so cool lol.

playboy magazine didn't show , well you know

my dad would take me and my brothers to the first day of school and tell the teachers if we acted out to beat us and tell him so he could do it again when we got home ( he meant it and we knew better than to ever test that one)

landing in my dads Cessna 140 on the highway in Iowa ( I think) to buy fire crackers. He paid $1500.00 for the Cessna, bought it in greenbay wis ( Wis back then not Wi). He flew it home and that was the first time he soloed. my mom was mad at him.

Got spotted bench pressing by Arnold Swartzenegger before he was famous outside of body building ( he was a bow hunter back then) nice guy.

kept my Ithica 37 waders and a hunting vest in my high school locker so we could duck hunt before it got dark after school

and I'm not that old compared to some of you lol

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