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Ducks Unlimited fires E. Donnall Thomas

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Well done Jack.  I too wrote a letter, (personal and hand written) to Dale Hall, DU's CEO, but haven't heard back and don't really expect to.  I'm expecting our local DU banquet (which happens to be in Don Thomas' home town of Lewistown) to cancel our spring banquet.  Again, small potatoes compared to the money Kennedy has paid, but a show of support for Don and especially for the public's right to access streams like the Ruby, a right that has been affirmed by the State Supreme Court.  Maybe we can switch our efforts to put on a banquet for Delta Waterfowl.

Coincidentally, today I got the latest issue of the DU magazine despite my previous cancellation.  I was curious to see who wrote the back page essay.  Based on his first submission, I wasn't impressed by the new guy.

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What I found most interesting is the article that got him pink slipped wasnt even written for the DU magazine.

That, and the underlining issue was about FISHING access, not duck hunting access.

Don's article wasn't in DU Mag and it wasn't about duck hunting access. Go figure......

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Money talks. Always has....always will. We have to accept it, but we don't have to like it.
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