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hunting deer with a rifle

hunting deer with a rifle  

  1. 1. hunting deer with a rifle

    • I only hunt deer with a rifle
      I only hunt deer with a rifle
    • muzzy and shotgun are the norm in my world
      I only hunt deer with a rifle
    • sorry if it is not archery I don't do it.
      I only hunt deer with a rifle

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Couldn't pick just one!  I chase with bow, blackpowder, rifle, shotgun - and this year may try my .40 pistol.
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... Redfield Widefield ...

1-3/4 x 5 compact?

No adjustments. I think 4X.

I'll check. I've had it a longggggg time. It looks sweet on the 1977 Marlin 336C. I still have my dad's 1946 336 Marlin in 35 cal. It is topped with the same scope.


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No answer there fits me.  

My preference by far is archery.  

Muzzle loader would be next in line.


I prefer hunting with my wife and kids and they usually put in for rifle...

I guess for me it is only a hypothetical question anyhow, as I do not have the luck to draw out.  In the last 34 years, I have drawn 4 deer tags.  2 rifle, 1 muzz, 1 archery.  I have purchased non res tags in UT several times.  They have mostly been archery.

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Just rifle for me.  Most of our deer are shot from 150 to 300 yards. Lot of open space out here. Montana Rifle Company model 1999 ASR-SS in .270
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Looking at the votes it seems that rifle hunting is alive and well for a good chunk of the hunters out there.   Nice to see, maybe one day it will be me.
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Kansas Big Dog

I voted rifle only even though I have killed deer with bow, cap and ball ML and In-line ML.

This is what it is like where I deer hunt.


Rifle is the best option IMO.

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Horses for courses. I prefer to hunt them with a bow but I'll hunt them where ever I can. For Indiana, Ohio and most of Michigan this is my preferred firearm. An early Ruger M44. Farthest a deer has gone is about 3'...straight down. A807C032-D43D-4A3C-9107-526E3D88A169_zps
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In KY. We have modern gun ( rifle, shotgun w slug), muzzleloader, and bow which has special provisions or maybe I should say restrictions for crossbows. Im not sure as I don't bow hunt.

 While I admit I have killed most of my deer with a rifle, about a third of them have been killed with a ML using a patched ball. For many years  my longest shot was with a ML at  about 110 yds. I finally killed a couple at around 200 with my rifle but my last two have been at about 15 yds and 30 yds respectively both with a rifle.

 I always tell someone buying their first rifle or if they are on a budget that if they can only have one rifle a ML is the way to go as they can use it in both ML season as well as modern gun. Not much of a handicap in my experience.

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This is my Henry Big Boy Steel 44


I just added the sling in this pic.  


This pic is of my target as I was adjusting the sights, off hand 50yrds standing.  The 4 rising from the neck were shot by a nice guy who asked to shot the Henry.


I took a coyote with it two weeks ago, Ill be using it for deer season in a pair of weeks.  I will be adding a scope, I am leaning to the 1-4.  I was firing the 444 witih my son as he made ready for this weekends youth season.  His is a an HR with a basic Nikon Pro staff 3-9bdc.  

at 100 his group on the same target was 1.5-2"


that is a great buck and I love your rifle!

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This is my first deer with a rifle in Ohio, don't see going back to a shotgun though never had any issues really.  My dad shot an H&R bull barreled 20ga that would put five shots in a playing card at 100 yards.  He never fired twice and never missed a deer in his 15 years of deer hunting. (didn't start till his late 50s)


Dads biggest


Cait took this one with one shot from her 20ga slug gun as well.



This was my favorite slug combo.  1963 Ithaca 37 with red dot and Federal TrueBall slugs.  Deer just went down.


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While I wouldn't dignify my venison gathering activity by calling it "hunting", I do generally use a rifle just because it is practical, effective and easiest.  Generally this 7x57mm:


Back when it could be said I "hunted" deer, in addition to my rifle, I've used a .357 handgun (once) and traditional, open sight, patched round ball, flintlock muzzleloaders (often).  This .62 Jager is my favorite flintlock deer rifle:


Reading this thread, I'm amazed at how many places prohibit rifles.  I would not like that one bit.

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