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UDATED 5/19/16


Ive been reluctant to start any voluntary donation drive to help pay for the Board Software Change until I was confident this was gonna work, and Members had a chance for a test run. But bills are starting to stack up so here goes. If all goes to hell I can reimburse.


Update: Looks like we have a working Board! Old Board is Read Only now and I am using the PM function there to help populate this Board before it goes Public. Thank you to those who have donated for Board Conversion sofar. Everyone had been placed in the Contributing Member Group. I still have bills to pay and ongoing Monthly costs associated with having two Boards running simultaneously, and of course monthly Hosting and Data plans for the actual UJ website and this new Board. So any help...always helps...and the Contributing Member Group has some advanced Permissions/Privileges.


*Please see Posts here in Board Conversion Category/Forum for reference to the Software change.


When this is finalized I will likely be 2 months past the deadline to remove (old) board from current server, so am now paying upwards of $300/month to host this board, and additional for the Cloud Hosting I am now paying for the new board. (This reflects how badly this board/Ikonboard PERL software sucks the snot out of a server) And I need to pay for the actual Conversion(s) and interaction between current host and IP Board Services. That is approaching the 1k stage. My time is at a greatly reduced rate...


So, if anyone wants to throw a voluntary bone specific to the Board Software Change, (Traditional Contributing Member Donations will be utilized along with ad revenue, if needed,  but as always those donations are dedicated to paying for the usual monthly hosting, board upgrades and development and one box of Cheez Its a week for me....)


*There is no note area on Paypal page so please shoot me an email or PM that a donation is Board Software Change specific.


UJ Paypal Donation Page



Brad Eden and/or Upland Journal

PO Box 172,

Frankfort, ME 04438

Thanks for the patience and generosity!

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I think my annual membership re-up is due anyway, I'll just add to that.

Update; sent, keep up the good work, we all appreciate it, and I doubt anyone else here has the skills or organizational ability or patience to pull it off.

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Donated - please let us know if you still are deficient with funds for this project!
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Paypal donation on the way!


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Check put in the snail mail today...my only stipulation is you buy yourself an extra box of Cheez Its and a 6 pack to help get thru the conversion. Good luck, and thanks for making this happen.


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Brad Eden

Hey...if you all are liking what you are seeing, donations specific to this Board Conversion are appreciated.

I am currently paying off the actual Test and Final Conversion costs. In addition I am still paying to keep the old server sucking board on a server while this transition is happening, as well as the monthly Cloud Hosting/Data plan for this new board. Ill have a better gauge on how much Data I will need, once we are fully populated, and accepting new Members, etc.

Those who have already donated for this, have really taken the sting off this situation and I am humbled, and the Membership at large is indebted to all of you.

See first Post above for Donation Link and snail mail address.


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