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Brad Eden

Member Groups for 2021 will stay relatively the same. They will be 2021 Contributing Members, Members, and of course Administrators and Moderators. (If unsure of Member Group look on your Profile or under your Avatar area on Posts.)


CONTRIBUTING MEMBERS are Members who have donated yearly to help keep the board online, and/or just appreciate this upland discussion community. This Group has Extra Perks; the main one being that they enjoy the ability to Upload Images. This Board has very advanced Uploading capabilities and Members can browse and place, or drag and drop, multiple photos to post in Replies...from their computers, tablets and smart phones. All these Uploaded Photos have GPS/meta tags stripped, so C-Members using this function can rest assured that their hunting locations are safe and not Hotspotted.

They can also post photos and videos via photohost sites and YouTube URL's directly into posts. This Board is completely mobile friendly without the need for an outsourced app. Currently each C-Member has 100mb's of storage space for uploads and the max size for uploaded images is 7mb. I have enabled an auto resizing function so large photos will load to a post and to data at a web friendly size. C-Members can manage/prune their uploads to stay within max storage limit. The C-Member Group has unlimited editing time for posts, posting privileges on the Swap & Trade Forum, a C-Member Only Forum, and other advanced capabilities.


The MEMBERS Group maintains most all Member functionality, as always, with the exception of the Photo Upload Feature and the other perks mentioned for the C-Member group. This Members Group can attach Photo and Video URL's, etc from photohost sites. Of note....to help decide whether to donate to the UJ Discussion Community; Upland Journal is not Facebook, with a multimillionaire owner, a stable of programmers and warehouses full of servers, but is a privately owned and maintained and moderated Discussion Forum that pays monthly for Hosting, Server, Bandwidth, email, and data storage.


All Groups enjoy many of the same features because all Members are important regardless of donations, ambassadorship, or post count.


A minimum donation of $25 or above places a Member in the Contributing Member Group with enhanced privileges for 1 year. (Donation amounts above the minimum are ultimately determined by the individual Member and the value they place on UJ.)


If any Member wishes to donate and be added to the Contributing Member Group I've added a Link to the Donation Page and address for checks below:


Donation Page



Brad Eden

PO Box 172,

Frankfort, ME 04438


Thank You!



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