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Question re UJ Storage and Photo Uploading

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Greg Hartman

The old board generally only accepted URL's from certain limited photo hosting sites, like Photobucket, so very little storage was needed on the UJ server for member's photos.  The new board allows all kinds of easy and simple options for posting photos, including using hosting sites like Photobucket or the much better Flickr AND just uploading directly from one's computer or phone.  The quickest and easiest is just uploading.  All of this is a Very Good Thing because people who never posted pics before are now illustrating their posts with pics - a huge improvement over the old board.


For my PE's and such on this new board I have used Flickr hosting, so no UJ storage is used, but when I'm just throwing in a pic or two to respond in some thread, I go the easy way and upload.  I'll bet most others here do the same or only upload.  It won't be long before UJ is hosting a bazillion pics.


To exacerbate the situation, I've noticed that many folks don't downsize their photos in terms of size or resolution before uploading.  With modern high megapixel cameras (just ONE of my photos will exceed 42 MP if I don't downsize in Photoshop first), that means many truly enormous files are being uploaded.


I know UJ is your'n and not mine, but I hope you will forgive me if I think of it as a kind of a joint effort of both you and the long time regular members here - in other words, I think of UJ as "we" instead of just "you".


So, Brad, how are "we" gonna afford all of this storage long term?  Or maybe I'm missing something here....

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To address Greg's questions:


This Board has the most advanced Photo Uploading and attaching/URL Photo posting available for traditional Boards. 


Outside of the Test and Final Conversion, I have purchased a monthly Cloud Hosting and Data Plan. I wont know for sure until the Board is fully populated and active, whether I have a robust enough package to handle the Photo and Video Uploading. We might require more Data as more Members donate to support the UJ Board and enjoy that Upload capability.


I have made the Uploading photos from all devices; computers, tablets, and smart phones a "Permission" or privilege for the donating/2016+ CONTRIBUTING MEMBER GROUP. There is a drag and drop,or browse and choose and place function at the bottom of Post fields for this Group. I don't want to apply any particular restrictions or "guilt" on Members concerning Uploading Photos. Im not intentionally discriminating against Members who choose not to donate to the site, its simply a matter of keeping this Board online.


The days of expecting the average person to understand pixels, and megabytes, and resolution, and in turn downsize photos to web size are over. This board does auto-size photos, but certainly huge photo Uploads take up more space and take longer to load and view on the Board

Both the Contributing Member Group and the Members Group have a much more seamless and easy way to attach URL's from outside sources/photohost sites, via the 'Insert other media' drop down menu at bottom right of Post field. That is illustrated by all the Members from all Groups now posting photos on this new Board.


My suggestion is that Members with the Photo Upload function decide for themselves about using the Upload feature or their photohost site URL's., being cognizant to the fact that Uploads to this board do take up data that has a cost associated with it. (Truth is, there is more flexibility in incorporating text in photo essays with attached URL photos.) If they are comfortable with Photobucket, Flickr, or any other photohost site, or use another server to store photos, by all means use that. If it's more convenient to use the Upload feature or for posting photos in "real time", certainly use the Upload feature. Many Members dont have access to their own server to store photos and/or don't use or they dislike photohost sites, so they of course should enjoy this Boards Photo Upload feature. 


This new Board is as new to me as it is you, and I will keep an eye on data usage and if we start to go over and need a larger monthly hosting/data plan I will address that to the Membership.

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