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To Registered Members who havent signed-in to this New Board yet.


PLEASE NOTE. A consequence of a complicated Software Conversion has resulted in many Members having problems signing/logging-in with their Passwords.


Here is the process to sign-in to new Board:


Go to sign-in field.


1, FIRST, try typing in your EXACT UJ User Name and Password. Those are case sensitive. Ive set it so you should be able to try a couple/few times before being blocked for 5 minutes or so.


If unable to Sign-In to new board PLEASE do the following in this order: (No worries, your Password is likely correct but needs to be reset) 


2, Click the "Forgot your Password?" link on Sign-In field. This will ask for the e-mail you registered with on old board. You will receive an emailed link that will allow you to reset any Password you want for new board. Its very quick.


If still having trouble:


3, Email me your Password to reset, or ask that I assign a new Password. brad@uplandjournal.com


Thanks for sticking with me and UJ through this complicated Board Software Conversion!



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