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I NEED HELP with Final Conversion Costs

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As many know this hasn't been an easy or inexpensive Board/Software Conversion.


Thanks to many generous UJ Members donations I have successfully paid off the costs to IPS Board Custom and Support Services for the new Board Demo, Test Conversion, and Final Conversion. I am now paying monthly for the Cloud Hosting and Data Plan which includes Support from IPS Board. The Contributing Member/Donation structure should handle those monthly fees.


But thats only part of the battle.


I just received a bill from my original Host which covers their work in preparing and providing data/files to the new IPS Board Custom Conversion team, and the actual decommissioning and removal of the old Board, and redirecting Links and URL's etc., etc.,and helping with all the minutia of a Board switch like placing the banner link to new Board in the old Upland Talk page, etc. (They will continue to Host the raw UJ website and my UJ email at a considerable savings from when they also hosted the old board which should be handled through the regular Contributing Member donation.) They have more work to do as in moving the original UJ website off a dedicated server, etc. I want to keep the original site for posterity and it still has UJ Gear and Donation page there, and as additional UJ AD Sponsor exposure.


Ill be transparent. This bill, including any additional work needed to finalize and settle the Board Software change with original Host will likely approach $1000.


So, if anyone wants to voluntary donate to help me and the UJ Board to get on a stable financial platform, and out of the Red after the Conversion, I would appreciate it. My goal is once this is settled we return to the tried and true Donation structure that has buoyed this Board for so many years.


Any Donations for this will place the donating Member in the 2016+ CONTRIBUTING MEMBER GROUP with advanced privileges for a year, if not already there.


UJ Paypal Donation Page



Brad Eden and/or Upland Journal

PO Box 172,

Frankfort, ME 04438




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10 hours ago, Skybuster said:

Your welcome! More on the way after the Midwest gathering.

I will be bringing some items to the gathering for this purpose. 

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Brad, sent a few $'.  Wish it could have been more.  Really enjoy UJ.  And  learn a lot also.


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Give me a couple weeks to see where I'm at after June 15......some of you know what I'm talking about.

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I hope everyone rallies together to support this great site. You have done a hell of a job !

Some additional funds headed your way in a few days !




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