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To Contributing Members who utilize the Board Photo Uploading function.


(The following does not apply to any Member from any Group who utilizes a photohost site or YouTube etc., to access URL/Links to post on the Board.)


In order to stay within the Cloud Hosting & Data quota the following applies:


I set parameter/pixel widths and heights for uploaded photos that will automatically downsize large photo files to a web friendly size upon upload and posting. Those photos load to the data at the smaller size and look good on screen.


In addition I have set a 7mb max image size for uploads (which again, downsize upon load and posting) with a max upload storage space per member of 100mb's. (Both extremely generous considering a 200kb and less file is perfectly web friendly. 1000kb=1mb) This should cover those people who take large photos and are unable to downsize on their own.


If you can't upload a photo then it is probably over 7mb in size or your upload storage is full. Here is how to manage/delete your uploads:


1, Click arrow/drop down menu next to User Name on upper right.

2, Click "My Attachments"

3, Check the % bar to see where your upload storage is at.

4, Your uploads are listed, click the trash can next to any photo you want removed, to open up space. (Start from oldest so current Topics aren't missing photos.)




If you have photos larger than 7mb try this new UJ Image Resizer that UJ Member Browndrake created:


Photo Resize Program


After resizing, the image will appear. If on a tablet/phone using touchscreen (put finger on image and choose Save or Save Image from menu that opens) to save image back to your iPhone or device photo library. On Computers you can browse to place resized image in a folder etc. The saved image will be a web friendly size and will upload without issue.


This resizing program is still in development and may be adjusted etc.

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