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What kind of bow do you shoot?

Breakfast Boy

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No “anti-wheel snobbery” here.  Wheels or not, it is all called archery.  There are far more compound shooters today than traditional.  I still have my old 4-wheel Jennings I shoot on occasion.





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Okay, so here I go with an ultra-noob question along the lines of "I was thinking of getting into bird hunting and want a dog. Should I get a pointer or a flusher?"

But seriously, I'm thinking hard about getting into archery.  I live in a deer rich state, I could hunt out my backyard (back deck on a good day) and when I was a youth I loved sitting in a deer stand on October evenings.

One of my best friends has hunted everything from squirrels to Alaskan moose with a longbow and I've shot his. It was pretty cool.  He's also happens to be a longbow snob - God love him - and I fear his stern and constant disapproval if I went to the "dark side" of compounds.

That being said, I like the idea of a compound because from what I understand, the learning curve isn't quite so steep and somewhat easier to shoot consistently. They're also pretty neat and there are more local shops selling compounds than longbows.

So if you're eyes haven't already rolled out of your heads, what advice would you give a guy who's thinking about getting into archery and not sure which path to follow?

I'm Switzerland on this right now.

I've always wanted to try a longbow too but Brad's right....it takes more time to master.  I've seen guys who've never shot a bow get set up with a compound with a basic pin sight with a peep and a mechanical release and they're on target in an hour or two of practice.  

I used to shoot my bow alot, outdoor and 3D courses are fun.  It's kinda like sporting clays.  It's a fun thing to do on a Sunday morning, get together with a few fellow archers and go for a walk on a woods course.  

Another cool thing is the DART system.  It's an indoor range and you put special tips on the arrows and shoot at a movie screen with live video images on it.  It's a blast.

If you want to check it out head over to the Sportsman Center in Bordentown, they got me started, they've got a great archery department, a indoor range, and a DART range.

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If anyone is interested, There is a large traditional archery festival not too far from where I live each summer. There you can look over and shoot many different types of traditional bows.

It is located at a state park, with camping allowed on the grounds. It is called; The Eastern Traditional Archery Rendezvous or ETAR for short. The state park is called Denton Hill, near Coudersport PA.

I always go each year, at least for a day, If anyone gets a chance to go, let me know via PM.


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More longbow Colorado elk hunting from years gone by - White River National Forest.  I use my mules and pack equipment; usually camped most of the season.

6x6 called in with a diaphragm mouth call to about 17 yards


Small 5x5 shot at about 15 yards


Cow - did not get close enough to a legal bull that year


Small 4x4 bull


Early season snow about 9,000' elev. - headed out to pack Pete's cow back to spike camp


Spike camp after early season snow


Pack in camp in pleasant weather - yours truly in the robe


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Get a compound bow.

I don't get all this anti wheel snobbery stuff. Its still is basically a stick, string and projectile.

Yeah there's anti wheel snobs but I'll bet there's wheel snobs too. However they'll look down on gun hunters.  

I switched to a longbow about 4 years ago or so and for the life of me I just can't bring myself to shoot a compound again. The compound feels like crap!  

I'm no snob but to ME shooting a sighted compound compared to a longbow/recurve is about like comparing a compound to a iron sighted 30-30.

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