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08 weight loss thread

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I propose we restart Breakfast Boy's 07 weight lost thread.  I did not participate but it had nine pages of activity last year. It has not been used since early November, probably a casualty of the holidays.  I doubt if I am the only one with a resolution to get in better shape for the new year.  My motivation is two fold and interrelated:

1) I went on a serious grouse hunt for the first time over the holidays.  Six hours up and down steep southern Ohio hills, climbing over deadfalls, crawling on all four through briars, wading through creeks.  I remember thinking at one point while crawling up the side of a hill:  "grouse hunters must be nuts!".  It kicked my rear.  But I am looking forward to doing it again.  Eight hours a day in Iowa grasses also wore me out.  So being able to better enjoy my hunts is a good motivator. And:

2)  I am middle aged and have a 6 year old son that I hope to spend many memorable days in the field with, for many years to come.  We've already had some good days.  

So here is the plan, similar to last year.  If you want to participate, state your starting weight (optional) and goal.  Each week report in with the new weight (also optional) and the total pounds lost for the week and since the beginning.  You can add comments about weight loss plans and any good low cal treats if you like.  I'll start.

6 foot tall, 46 years of age

Goal 200 pounds

Jan 2 weight 257 pounds

Monday Jan 6 weight 251 pounds- down 6 pounds.

Plan of attack: "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips

Encouragement is....well, encouraged.  And I would like to personally request some good natured ribbing if I do not stick with this.  I once lost 75 pounds and kept it off for 10 years, so I know I can do it.

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Me and Chubby,  I mean Mooregrouse are in. He's got like a least a hundred pounds to go, henry wants to do 15. Phoebe the dwarf dog already has a little body, to go with her HUGE head, the slab don't need to loose anything.

Me I need to loose about 20, get me downs to 195, and ride my Mt bike, so Stever the knife and shorthairgrousegod don't walk me into the ground, again

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I'm in.  In fact, convinced Jeni to join me in a "Wellness Challenge"  at the gym we just joined that is closer to our new house.  There is $$$ involved! Whooo!  It is only 10 weeks, but I have a target weight plan for the majority of aught-8 as well.

Official weigh-in at the gym Monday : 220 (though probably was 216, I made sure to chug as much water as possible beforehand. Gotta' work the system when you can!)

Target  : 150

Of course that isn't the goal for the 10 weeks. I think I would need to lop off 2 or 3 limbs for that.  The goal for the 10 weeks is 20 lbs less.  Easily doable, as 2 years ago I dumped 60 lbs in 6 months not doing any of the crazy stuff, just eat less, exercise more.  I am hoping to get close to target before deer season out here, so I can go on my first deer hunt without worrying about my conditioning.

Check-ins on Mondays then?  HooRAH!

losing weight sucks, but not doing so sucks more.


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Couple of you are trying for 60lbs??? I feel like Stevers little sissy dog now, only going for 20..... Least Ted is in good company :<img src=:'>
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Trying to get a start on this thing, so it will be easy after the trip kathi is draging me on.

Went to lunch with Ted. Seemed like he ate most of the wings, then put his nawed on bones on my plate.

I did good, I ordered the salad, Tedder had the big moose burger, loaded. Ted had 2 heavy beers, I ordered a 16oz one.

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You guys are awesome... My wife and I have been on and off again since last winter. I hit 250 last January and I said I wasn't going over. I started with diet. We stay pretty close to the Abs Diet. We try as hard as possible to stay away from anything artificial. It is so hard, but you can do it. We eat a lot of veggies and meat and cheese... Bread is both of our weakness. Eating out is a killer. But the be all of end all is Juice and sugar pop... I lost at least 12 pounds by just cutting out pop (soda)... I was down to 230 by April. And I hit an all time low of 214. I have recently gone up to 225, darn Holidays... I am now working out at least three times a week and out diet is back on after these past few weeks.

My goal is 185 or 190.

Thanks for the accountability.


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I'm in.  I started the original 06 thread but I lost my way half way through.  

I actually started one for utahbirddogs.com but I can report my results over here too.  More motivation!

I started on 01/02/08

6'4"  34 years old in a couple of weeks.

Starting weight: 320

Current weight:  313

Goal weight:  220

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To set the record straight, I did have a burger for lunch. It was a veggie burger, with no bread and mustard only. And the wings...yeah, they got eaten, by Tim...all that he left me with was the celery. And Tim's salad...it had a 1/2 pound of bleu cheese and 12 oz. of red meat on it. That was really healthy.

I hunt with my friend Chad, and he tells me that I am not fat, just huskey or big boned. When I hunt with Chad, we find lots of grouse.

I hunt with Tim and he makes fun of Henry and me for being fat, he thinks Phoebe has a big head and is a dwarf, and Pepper is a run-off field trial dog. When I hunt with Tim, we never find a grouse.

Tim, are you seeing a theme?

Got to go do my 75 push ups before run/walking the dogs their 5 miles before bed.


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I'm in!

Starting point 260 lbs (December 30, 2007)

Target 220 lbs

Action plan: Atkins

First weigh in January 6, 2008 (Sunday am only)

-6 = 254

I thought I would post a "before" picture


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I lost 20 pounds last summer with walking, running, and a disciplined eating regime, which really wasn't a "diet" in the popular sense, just sensible portions and no after-dinner snacking.  I ended up at 224 by the start of hunting season and ran a 10k in under an hour in September.

With the season in full swing and virtually no daylight after work, I've slacked on the running and am back up to 230, but I can hold it there until Feb and then will start back with 3 miles of running a day with more on the weekends.  

My pertinents are:

Age:  42

Hgt:  6'1"

Wgt: 230, Pants size 36 (loose)

Goal:  210, Pants size 34 (loose)

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Chubby, the theme I see here, is Chad has good covers to take you to, and you only have Garys shot out covers to take me to. When I was with real bird guys , Like Bob, Ben and shorthairgrousegod, I allways saw and missed birds, heck even with gramma John I saw birds. And for your edification, I even missed a grouse that the tard toby bumped, after I carried him across the stream with stever, and Keith, while you were trying to chase down your runoff, and the dwarf dog wouldn't leave your side.

The other thing, maybe your "friend" Chad plays for the same team as YOUR buddy Tom, and thats why he says your"big boned"

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