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Winter Reading

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I loved both Krakaur's books.  I shall re-read Into thin Air.  Just watched Into the Wild movie again last week.

I am going to start The Road by Cormack McCarthy on 'Scratch's recommendation as soon as I finish Audacity of Hope (as I put on my flame retardant suit)

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Downtown Bang!

Just finished The Road. Not the most uplifting read but a good story. I definately struggle with McCarthy's writing style and minimal punctuation. Find myself re-reading many passages just to decipher who is saying what.

Also recently finished Last Man Standing by Jeff Shaara. Excellent historical novel on WW I. The casualties incurred in that war were staggering and Shaara does a good job depicting the horrors of a WW I battlefield.  Looking forward to getting into his WW II trilogy.

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Cooter Brown

Right now "The Lords Of Discipline" by Pat Conroy.  Never read it and enjoying is so far.

Been buying my books at the Goodwill store--$1.75 for paperbacks, $2.50 for hardbacks.  Last week I got "Moby Dick" and "Leaves of Grass", both brand new leatherbound Easton Press editions for two and a half bucks a piece.  Also the "Lords", "Santini", an Elmore Leonard and a couple others for less than twenty bucks.

Those Easton Press books are gorgeous.

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