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Winter Reading

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Flashman - the whole series, there are twelve books, I'm about to start #6.

A hunting buddy loaned me his collection!

Absolutely no socially redeeming value, my wife looked through one and asked me "what do you see in this?"

Male Military action adventure somewhat historically related to the height of the British Empire.  They are quick reads and a hoot.

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Just started Richard III for my Shakespeare class. So far I am thoroughly enjoying it.


Now that yuu mention school, how is it going for you anyway?

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I am a big Flashman fan myself, thus my dog is named Harry.  My oldest son even brought me an autographed copy of Flashman On The March back from London.

I read almost anything.  Currently on my night stand are:

The Animal Dialogues, Craig Childs

Sixguns, E. Keith

Recreational Use of Wild Lands, Brockman and Merriam

Chukars in New Mexico, Wayne Bohl

Panther, Roger Caras

Proceedings of the Sixth Mt. Lion Workshop

Black Bear habitat Use in East-Central AZ, LeCount and Yarchin

Autobiography, Volume XX Collected Works of T. Roosevelt

Pueblo Indians of North America, Dozier

In my office I have the following partially read:

Javelinas and Peccaries, Their Biology, Management and Use, Sowls

Arizona Game Birds, Brown

Like I said, I will read just about anything.  Usually I have about a dozen books going at once and as they pile up I will pack a half dozen when I am traveling and finish them off.  Before a hunt I will read up on the species I am going after.  After the hunt I usually have questions so I review what I read.

About 80% of my reading is non-fiction, mostly history of the Southwest and Natural History.  I read everything I can find on bird hunting various sporting subjects and firearms.


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A salty piece of land by Jimmy Buffett - takes you from Montana to Mexico to Belize to Key West, with side trips to the South Pacific, using schooners, shrimp boats, sea planes, jeeps, horses and dingys.
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Steve Van Dis
If it aint broke, fix it! and You Gotta Be out of your Mind by Gil and Vicki Ash, When the Enemy Strikes by Dr. Charles Stanley, and Last Child in the Woods: Saving our children from Nature-deficit disorder by Richard Louv.
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N E Grouse Hunter


Atkinson's first book on the war, "An Army at Dawn" was terrific.  Thanks for the reminder; "The Day of Battle" is now on the list.

Taking a quick break from Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond, I finished In The Company Of Soldiers by Rick Atkinson yesterday. Having completed my basic training at Fort Campbell Kentucky, home of the 101st, I felt compelled to learn of their role in the occupation of Baghdad. It's funny,..while reading the book I had to keep reminding myself it was written by a Pulitzer Prize winning author.  :<img src=:'>

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Legends of the Fall is up next.  

Legends of the Fall is the only book that I thought the movie was better.  The Great Gatsby is one on my all time favorites for being a well written book.

Counte of Monte Crisco was good.  I read the Three Musketeers while on my sheep hunt.  If you like Dumas, you should read it.

I'm currently switching back and forth from Bernard Cronwell and John Gierach.  I've read the Grail Series and I'm about to start the Saxon tales.  On Gierach, I think I'm down to two books remaining.

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I picked up two recently from Sierra Trading Post;

For the Love of a Dog, A Selection of Classic Bird Dog Stories          $9.95       orig.- $25.00

The Trickiest Thing in Feathers,  Corey Ford

                $10.95       orig.- $29.95

Joe, you scored on the Ford book.  It's one of my favorites, and the cheapest it goes for on Abebooks.com is $25.

I've seen For the Love of a Dog before in stores, but never buy it.  Something about it strikes me as overly maudlin.  But, I have the same reaction about Jenny Willow which many people love.  Different stokes and all that....

I picked them up too from STP.  First time I've read Ford and I'm really enjoying it.

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As usual I have my problem of several books going at once.  I seem to have developed some sort of ADD and can't get through a whole book without starting a new one.  Here's what's in rotation and on deck for the forseeable future:

The Trickiest Thing in Feathers - Corey Ford

Death, Taxes, and Leaky Wader - John Gierach

Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs - Ansel Adams

The Camera - Ansel Adams

Hill Country - Gene Hill

Handy to Home - Tom Hennessey

On Deck:

Drummer in the Woods - Spiller

Hardscrable Chronicles - Laurie Morrow

The Negative - Ansel Adams

The Print - Ansel Adams

Still Life with Brook Trout - John Gierach

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Matt Crawford

Not to be too commercial, but I've got a couple chapters in a book coming out soon, called 'Reverse Points.' Nancy Anisfield has put it together.

I believe it's being printed now.

Upcoming ads for the book say this:

Reverse Points: bird dogs reconsidered is an odyssey of photos and stories through the gun dogs’ parallel universe, where they get dirty, ignore their handlers, and do the outrageous things rarely chronicled in print. From Labs to pointers, spinones to griffons, the bird dogs in this book are applauded for their motivation and mess. They hunt hard and hunt well, but the time has come in the literature of the sporting dog world for a reality check. Accompanying Nancy Anisfield’s photographs are hilarious

stories skillfully crafted by five outdoor humor writers who join Anisfield in showcasing the other gun dog reality — the one familiar to anyone who has known, owned or hunted

with a true bird dog.

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Matt, is this book an anthology of short stories? If so, remember to  autograph one for me when it is published. (You want Cdn$ or US$,  :D )
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Matt Crawford

Matt, is this book an anthology of short stories? If so, remember to  autograph one for me when it is published. (You want Cdn$ or US$,

Yes, it's a collection of short stories, Ben. And give me a week or so to see if Canadian or American dollars are better. The way things look lately, well, the loonie just might be stronger!

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I read "Angels and Demons" over Christmas and preferred it over "The DaVinci Code."

I just started "The E Myth Revisited" which apparently is a must read for the self employed.

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I just finished, The Sweet of the Year, by Palmer Baker.  I read it every winter while switching my mind from bird hunting to fly fishing.  Nice easy read, about 130 pages, but the most sincere writing on Catskill trout fishing I have ever found.  Actually, it was introduced to me by a freind with like emotions about streams, fly casting and the solitude it affords.


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