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As some may have noticed there is a "Report Post" link at top of Post field to the right of when a Post was made. It's grayed out until clicked. 


This is an important feature for me as the Administrator and Moderator. As I have expressed before, I'm not intravenously attached to the UJ Board but almost...I simply can't catch every incendiary comment or any potential "about to go off the rails" Topic/Post. 


Compared to most Boards UJ is remarkably well self-policed. But I depend on input and "heads ups" from Members of potential problems. When reporting a post it's totally private and not a tattle tale. I get the Reported Post notice with comments and proceed accordingly. Sometimes a quick Admin/Mod "shot across the bow" post steadies a rocking Topic and it continues as a valuable and resourceful Topic.


Thanks to everyone for taking ownership of the positive tone and Upland culture we have built here. Its as important to me as it is to you.

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5 minutes ago, Randy S said:

Is it considered bad taste to report your own incendiary comments?


Actually that would show transparency and humility...

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