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Done with Photobucket - Smugmug or Flickr?

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I've been a Photobucket user for around 10 years.  When I first signed up, Photobucket had the best image storage quality. I've got lots of photos there. It was always slow, but it was free. The slowness is especially problematic when trying to organize folders. I finally got tired of all the ads, which slowed things even more, and paid for the most basic account.  Unfortunately, I did not see much of an improvement in speed. 


I have never been able to get the Photobucket function to upload photos directly from my mobile device to work.  I simply gave up on that ever working.  A few months ago, I had major problems getting Photobucket to work at all for me. This is not all that uncommon for Photobucket as the inept site administrators make changes to the website without doing sufficient testing first.  I posted a rant here at that time ( http://uplandjournal.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/58179-photobucket-sucks/#comment-1033163


Now, again, Photobucket has stopped working for me.  And this after a major campaign from them for more money.  I never thought possible that two seemingly contradictory acts could be done simultaneously, but Photobucket both sucks and blows at the same time.  I am done with Photobucket.


I've done some research, and it seems the best two options for my needs are Smugmug and Flickr.  I've also found that there is third party software available that allows one to (supposedly) easily transfer images from Photobucket to other photo hosting websites.  I assume all those years of original posting links will be broken, but at least I can keep all my photos in place.


My needs are simple; intuitive to use, reasonable speed, high image quality, good customer support.  I don't need lots of bells and whistles.  Most of my photos come from my iPhone, although I also use a Fuji X-E2 (and will upgrade to an X-E3, if one is ever released).  I am wiliing to pay a small fee for a good service.  In other words, being "free" will have little impact on my decisions.  That is part of why I put up with Photobucket's shyte service for so long, and in the end it is not worth the small cost savings.


(The UJ's photo upload service is great!  But, I post photos elsewhere, too, and want the broader capabilities a dedicated photo hosting website offers)


Smugmug and Flickr seem to be two of the better photo hosting sites.  Smugmug has a stupid name.  A company that gives itself a stupid name screams incompetence-from-day-one which gives me pause, but Smugmug gets mostly good reviews so I will overlook the stupid name.  Smugmug leans towards professional photographers selling their photos.  Flickr leans towards to easily spreading your photos on social media sites to gain followers.  I have no interest in doing either.  But both appear to have good reputations in what I am most interested in, which, again, is intuitive to use, etc.


At this point, I am leaning towards Smugmug simply because I am a photographer at heart.


I asked before about a new photo hosting service and got good feedback, but I want to ask again before making the big switch.  I would be happy to hear suggestions from everyone before deciding which photo hosting service to go to.

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FWIW I am using Smugmug and have no major problems. This is the basic account, around $35 per year. Quality seems to be retained but I wouldn't call it fast especially when using the editing tools. It is easy to transfer pics from there to an email or UJ. I am the least competent tec person on the planet. 

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I agree that Photobucket sux.  A perfect example of how to take a well-known name and business model and destroy it. 


FWIW, I switched from PB to Flickr some time ago and I like Flickr.  I do not participate in any "social media" outside of UJ - just use it as a hosting site.  You don't have to "follow" anyone, tho' I seem to have gathered some unsolicited "followers" of my Flickr account (no harm in this).  Could not be more user-friendly.  As far as I can tell, quality is excellent.


If you click on the "My photo website" link below, you can see the public part of my Flickr account.


This isn't to say anything bad about Smugmug - I just don't have any experience with them on way or the other.

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just signed up for Flikr but can't seem to find how to create an image link to post photos here.  Any advice?  Thanks



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In the bottom right of your picture view you will see an arrow, click on it




Options will be presented to you then. Make sure BBCode tab is selected. Then select the image size you want. You can copy the highlighted text, that is your link  




Copy and paste where you want the image to go. I normally strip out everything else in the html code with the exception of the img tags and the information between them





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Chief Paduke

Postimage is about as simple as it gets for posting on boards. That’s all I use it for. 

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