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sunset, sunrise

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I don't consider myself a landscape photographer, but when I see a pretty scene I always try to capture it. Usually there's a critter involved somehow.   Tanzania   Bird Poin

North Maine Woods

I was dropping my grandsons off at school and took the first pic. The second was recent while fishing Lake Superior out of Ontonagon. 

Posted Images

A few sunrise and sunset pictures I have taken over the years.


A picture from my master bedroom







Sunrise in Xcalak Mexico 




Sunrise in NW Kansas






Sunrise/ sunsets in SD










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For an added boost on a colorful sky try focusing on the sky first by depressing the shutter button half way, then lower the lens down to the horizon. JAS

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more from years past. These where taken in the fall during a bad wildfire year in Canada (pictures taken in NE, wildfires where in Canada







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double tapped that second one, I'll try again





photobucket is making an old man of me!!! I have to rest for awhile 

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My God, the quality of the work on this site continues to amaze.  Some of you guys don't just have the gear, you've trained/developed/been gifted with an eye, too.  This stuff is really good, and ThomGordon, Greghartman and dgfavor haven't even posted.  Obviously, some of these picture works better than others (for me, at least) but all of them have something, and some of them more than just something.  Hate to break to you, but some of you are getting artistic, and you do know what that makes you?

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Most sunrises and sunsets don't make you stop what you are doing to just look but some of them certainly compel you to forget what you were doing and look. Then too often you don't have a camera. And then even  with a camera,,, it never quite captures the entirety of it.


The shot I took above at the Crazy Mountain sunset was taken coming home from a bird hunting trip. It was so dramatic that I pulled over and found the camera. That cost me a couple minutes but I did get a few shots. Here is another one.


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