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2017 UJ Catskill gathering

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As Zoli said another great weekend.More food then we could eat.   I did well I shot my normal 98 out of 100.The 28 ga championship went to hayslope.I would have won but they wouldn't let use

Wayne (FMB) and his wife brought some very tasty wings! Although my wife also had a good time, her keen eye prevented me from over indulging on crab cakes, All's great luncheon meats and cherries in a

The ladies also had some blueberry/cherry crunch and peanut butter squares for the sweet tooth.Thanks Jennifer,Cindi, Jane and Sam for helping clean up and the goodies.   We retired back to

Well, another one in the books.  Thanks to Bob for making this such an event.....not to be missed.  Obey the Polecat!!


I admit to not taking a single photo....my phone basically stayed turned off the entire time.  With no cell signal, the battery fades to nothing quickly.


I'll not go over what has previously been posted concerning food.  If you have never been to this gathering, you know not what you have missed.  Enough food to have satisfied even the group that showed up for Trump's inaugural!  In our instance, I'm sure way too much food made return trips home as leftovers!!


The weather was fairly typical for the Catskills in July - pretty much nothing you can truly plan on.  Just figure it's going to rain on you at some point.  Overall, not bad weather at all for this time of year.


I got out twice to shoot the sporting clays courses.  On Friday, we did a large group and laid siege to the upper course.  We all shot fairly well and the bugs weren't too bad.


Saturday, we did the 28 gauge competition.  Participation was somewhat down this year, which was basically a reflection of overall attendance being down compared to years past. Don was still getting used to his new 28 sxs. Ted (TNWCC) borrowed one of Al's many 28 ga guns to round out the group at 4.  It was a close competition, but after the last station where I did 9 out of 10, I emerged as the winner by one clay over Al and a couple clays over Ted.  Thanks to Don for supplying the vintage goodies as the prize this year for the 28 competition.


It was good to see everyone again and to meet some new folks.  Wayne (FMB) and his wife traveled from CT and brought some fine wings for the Saturday evening feast.


I'll try to remember to bring a digital camera next year so I don't have to rely on my cell phone.



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6 hours ago, Grifish said:

I'm sure we can find a 28ga stick that ole Polecat can beat you with.

When you guys going to grow up and shoot 12 ga not that little old baby 28 ga?

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