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Aye Mates,

So, as I explained in "BOYS, BIRDS, AND BLACK DOGS" Part 1, we conducted a hunt for pheasant and chukar today with the emphasis on providing  some young lads a fun and educational experience in hunting for upland birds.  Me gunning and dog training Mate Rick, his friend Jeff, and meself saw to it that the hunt started with a session on firearms safety as it applies to hunting.  The young lads hunting today included Rick's son Nick and his three friends Hunter, Cooper, and Cole along with their Dad Jeff.  The weather was abnormally mild for a January day in New England and we were treated to clear, sunny skies and low wind speeds making for a truly beautiful day.




Prior to starting the actual hunt a session on firearms safety as it pertains to hunting situations was emphasized.



The boys enjoyed a day spent afield with their Dads and hunting over some finely trained Labs (TRAD and REV) that worked really hard on making flush of game for the lads.



Cole proudly holds his first rooster pheasant as his older brother Hunter looks on.  Certainly many a member of Upland Journal has a fond memory of their first game bird taken.?



Not to be outgunned by his little brother Cole, older brother Hunter added his first game bird (Chukar) to his game bag.




A full morning of hunting birds made for some hungry lads and tired black dogs.  A quick meeting in the field and a consensus was reached that lunch was in order.  We made way to a local eatery to replenish energy levels.  It was amazing watching the kids packing it away like sharks feeding on a dead whale.?  Our gun dogs TRAD and REV got some well deserved rest time while we ate a truly fine lunch amongst friendships forged whilst hunting birds.  Plans were to return to the fields and continue hunting with recharged lads and rested retrievers.



Our decision to continue the hunt into the afternoon paid dividends in the form of additional birds taken.  More importantly, the boys experienced bird hunting for the first time and it was quite apparent that they enjoyed themselves thoroughly in their newfound outdoor passion.  For the two Dads involved (Rick and Jeff) the day was one of quality time spent with their wonderful sons.  For the old Irishwhistler, t'was an opportunity to thrill others with some finely trained gun dogs and to share me passion for the outdoors and bird hunting with others, hopefully instilling  in these young lads a love for upland bird hunting that will remain with them far into their future years.?



The day culminated with the field care rendered the game birds taken during the day's hunt.  Another opportunity for the lads to learn skills that far too few youths today will ever experience.  All of the boys pitched in with cleaning birds and will likely enjoy some fine meals and grand memories resulting from this hunt.


Speaking for Jeff, Rick, and meself, we could not have spent a day in a better way than mentoring these young lads and sharing our passion for the outdoors with them.


Preserve the future of our beloved field sports, take a kid hunting.?





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Aye Mates,

Thanks to all that posted replies and sent me "likes" or PM"S on this photo essay and the hunt for these young lads.  T'is me hope that they are still hunting birds once they become a scruffy old man like the Irishwhistler.?


Cheers to all,



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