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Alpha 100/TT15 Questions

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Hi all, well I decided to take a big leap of faith and get this combo.  But, before I do, I'd like to ask you users a couple questions.  A bit of background, I plan on using it to keep track of my dog (1 dog only) and use the correction mode about 99% of the time.  Not much into way points, maps etc.  So..................


1)  Is this unit user friendly, what kind of learning curve does it have for a tech dummy like me?

2)  How easy is it to switch from tracking to correction mode?

3)  Can you set the features you want and return to them without having to program the unit every time you turn it off/on?

4)  Is the compass feature more usable than the map tracking?


Any other comments would be great!


Thanks so much!







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1. Yes - pretty easy to use.

2. The unit is usually run in the tracking mode - you program and use the buttons at the top of the handheld for tone/vibrate, momentary and constant.  You program the "levels".

3. Once it is programmed, you turn it on and select new hunt (it resets the prior hunt statistics), truck location and it is ready to go.

4. I never use the map tracking - I always use the compass (I use a beeper collar as well).  Always a good idea to calibrate the compass prior to hunting (easy to do).


The manual that comes with it is not the best, but it will help you get it set up.

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Thanks!  So, dummy here again!  I can have the tracking (compass) screen on and use the correction at the same time, correct?





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Craig Doherty

Tracking and correction are separate functions -- the three training buttons are always active no matter what other function you're using (map, compass, etc.)  Learning curve is not that steep -- probably easier to use than most smart phones.

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