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15 hours ago, Randy S said:

The new budget proposes cutting conservation spending by $5.7 billion, crop insurance by 36% with the fore mentioned $40,000 cap and  eliminating Harvest Price Option. Cutting SNAP by 25%, Slicing Agriculture Research Service by 25%, eliminate Rural Economic Development Program and the Agricultural Marketing Service, and require USDA to cut it's "discretionary budget" by $4.6 billion.


I don't see a renew or even a maintain CRP window in there anywhere.


I would guess that if even a moderation of this budget passes, there are going to be a lot of angry farmers and ranchers out there. 




You may be on to something.


Even though it will be 2018 before the Farm Bill is taken up, the Congressional agenda is getting crowded and time is growing short. It will be interesting to see how Congress prioritizes and works through its increasingly busy calendar.

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