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WELCOME NEW MEMBERS/Donation Structure

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The UJ Board enjoys a steady stream of newly Registered Members that I authorize on a weekly if not daily basis. 'New blood' is an important element in keeping a discussion community alive and healthy. Glad to have all of you.


This Board was recently converted to this new more advanced Software and access or even knowledge of the Donation structure is likely harder to find. 


In a nutshell this Board has been online for going on 16 years. That longevity is largely due to the Voluntary Donation structure in place to ease expenses.


There are two main Member Groups. The Basic MEMBER GROUP and the 2018 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER GROUP. Your Member Group is shown under your Avatar area on Posts or in your Profile.



With a minimum donation of $25 Members are placed in the 2017 CONTRIBUTING MEMBER group for 1 year and enjoy additional bulletin board capabilities. Donations above the minimum are up to the discretion of the individual Member and the value they place on the UJ Discussion Community.




The Donating/2108 Contributing Member Group enjoys the ability to Upload Images directly to Topics and Replies. 2018 Contributing Members can browse and place, or drag and drop, multiple photos...from their computers, tablets and smart phones. (This Board is completely mobile friendly without the need for an outsourced app.) All posted photos of a max size of 7mb are automatically resized to web/screen friendly standards and Contributing Members have 100mbs of storage space and can manage their own upload attachments.
A Swap & Trade classified ad Forum and an Upland Artisans Forum can be posted to by the Contributing Member Group but can be seen and responded to by all Member groups. 


There is generally extra functionality enabled for the Contributing Member Group throughout the Board such as no time limit on editing posts, and more storage space for Messages, etc.


A UJ Grouse or a Woodcock decal is sent to new Contributing Members and are available upon from current Contributing Members.


Here is a link to the UJ Donation page: Subscription/Donation Paypal/Snail Mail Page


Any questions can likely be answered by reviewing the various Board Topics in the Member Groups, Donations & Enhanced Priviliges Forum, particularly this Topic: Member Groups/Priviliges Topic


Thank you for considering supporting the UJ Board.

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