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I'll bet you didn't know that the Philadelphia Eagles cant fly. I'm not speaking of the pair of Eagles nesting in the N.E. section of Philly, but rather the Eagles resting at the stadium in S. Philly.  ;~)

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Should have added this.    Did you know...that I think clam strips should be illegal to serve, at least in Maine. If you can't eat a whole clam then order chicken fingers.

Did you know that after you dice jalapeños for salsa you absolutely need to scrub your hands thoroughly and repeatedly before taking a pee? I learned that yesterday. 

Did you know that bird hunters go bat sh!t crazy in August

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21 hours ago, browndrake said:

I didn't know that!  


If they are prisoners or captives, why are they so good at getting away from me?

I think the meaning comes from their habit of staying in the same locality year after year.  There is a place in ND where I can find a covey of Huns in the same general area for almost 10 years running now. As long as the hedge row is there and enough escape cover with wheat (mostly beans now  :() near by, they will be there for another 10 years.



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