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And so it begins....and continues...

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2 hours ago, Brad Eden said:

That's "wicked" as they say up here Al. Is this on the main ranch that I turkey hunted on, or the new property you recently purchased?

The ranch where you hunted.  I haven't hunted the new property yet.

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I just got back from Montana.  I was supposed to be on my annual elk hunt but the weather really didn't cooperate with lots of cold and snow.  I shifted to deer hunting a couple of evenings and was re

Yup, yes, indeed...shot this buck at around 5:45PM with the bow. No time for a load of posed photos since I was alone and darkness was descending. Had to field dress and start dragging. My best bow bu

Couple more shots. Nobody around to take a hero shot. Jo Ann is out of town and Cash hasn't figured out my iPhone camera, yet.    

Posted Images





Buck, Rendered to free range protein. After cooling/aging a few days me and Mike Stenstrom cutemup yesterday afternoon/evening. Quite an operation that has to be experienced to truly grasp. I was able to try out my new vacuum sealer and my new electric grinder. Slick. We cooked up some back strap while cutting to stay fueled. Delicious as expected. We also used these knives that Mike designed and built via his Outdoorsmansedges business. He has started making kitchen knife sets that I see in my future.


I did pick up another used medium sized chest freezer that is in my garage now. I'm in no hurry to add another deer with bow or with my rifle (rifle season begins this coming Saturday) but if it happens, I'll have the freezer space.

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Awesome. I helped my dad carve up a 10pt he shot with his bow Friday. Dad can’t walk the woods after grouse like he used to but he can get up a ladder stand. Those knives look really nice. I especially like the swept blade on the middle one. I have a knife block of old Chicago cutlery and filet knives so when one knife gets dull I just grab a fresh one. Sharpen them all when done so they are ready for the next deer.

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I would "double seal" your bags if you didn't.  I had problems with the 1st seal failing likely due to moisture from the meat being pulled into the initial seal area during the vac process.


Nice work on the deer!!

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I'm being a good boy...I haven't been back to my bow stand where I shot the Doe and buck. I can still bow hunt that Expanded Archery area until December 9th and can shoot does, since I used my only allowed buck tag.


I have been out with the rifle and having drawn a firearm Doe permit can shoot either a buck or a Doe. I scoped 4 does 40 yards below my treestand a couple afternoons ago. I never let off my safety. First I am deer meat rich right now, and was exhausted after 6 days it no power from a wind storm, and the thought of dragging a deer out wasn't pleasant. That, and me and Mike Stenstrom are heading to my northwoods camp this Thursday for a couple days of deer hunting, and I'd love to shoot a good buck at my camp. 


So, it ain't over til it's over. I have a few more people I want to gift some venison to, (old timers who can't hunt any longer) so would like to take one more deer this year.

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Spike horn buck came home with me today from my northwoods camp. Couldn't resist punching my rifle tag and having a whitetail on the game pole at camp. I've only shot one other deer up there, since the deer herd is thin, and I tend to take my deer in home area where they are doing well. Smallish guy who fit nicely in my pick up truck bed along with all the post hunt gear. I've never shot 3 deer in a single year like I did with this one, and the bow doe and the bow 8pt buck. My freezers are rich, as are a lot of friends being gifted with venison this year.




Spike was shot 75 yards down that overgrown logging road. I dragged him to where I had shot. Then my partner in crime Mike Stenstrom arrived with a handy dandy wheeled cart that got him out of the woods.




Long and lean with some daggers.




Nothing like a snug little camp, with a bedroom extension...






And a bed for a hunting buddy...




...and of course the shidda.


I truly love the northwoods of Maine with a passion.


BTW, ruffed grouse were plentiful, and torturing us deer hunters toting rifles. I am gonna head back to camp as early as next weekend with Jo Ann and the dogs so Cash and I can wreak some revenge!



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Nice Spike there Brad looks like the one I got as for the Wheeled cart I keep one in the Jeep it is the only way to get deer out of the woods when you cant use a 4wheeler

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Great pics.  Looks like Brads living up to "The way life should be."



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Nice Brad!  Just a few days ago I decided I'm not hunting deer this year, maybe never again. Mostly going through the motions the past few years, so it's probably time to hang it up. BTW...I love your camp!!  I miss ours. IMG_0153.thumb.JPG.bccd7a362df8e4e9d293b5d7ca731204.JPGIMG_0144.thumb.JPG.bc68af4a449242dcac1d960b90796bcf.JPGIMG_0146.thumb.JPG.32db6e88aff18e2ab8346173370377ca.JPG

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That's the taj mahal Don, very nice, compared to my trappers cabin built by my great grandfather and great Uncle in early 40's. Rustic doesn't adequately describe my hovel. But it brings a person back in time to a simpler place.

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And a thank you to Mr Stenstrom, the most capable outdoorsman I am privileged to share a camp with, and a damn good camp cook to boot. He put the time in, but typical of this northwoods area was treated to one flying tail and lots of meditation on stand. With one bow buck already under his belt, he is still after it with his rifle (and trad bow) until deer the season ends on the 25th.

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