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Intro - Meet Dobs

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Well I didn't want a show dog but Cindy wanted to show him so we did - the confirmation became important for breeding and his lines.  It's all "for the good of the breed" and to show others he's got the right stuff, not just field smarts.  The folks that are my "show folks" are awesome and have been with us since Dobs came on the scene.  I'll chase the GCH for fun and to stay close with my show folks - Maybe they'll pick up field stuff if I persist enough 😎

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The Most Interesting Dog in the World: I don't always chew things but when I do... Oh who am I kidding - I chew everything!

Hi All - Been a while - thought I'd check in and catch up:   Dobs has been busy with shows lately with a hunt test stuck in between (2nd Started pass) - This weekend he picked up his 3rd 5 p

Update: The NSDTR Region 1 hunt test is in the books and while we didn't pass both days, we passed on Saturday.  Dobs now can change the WC to WCI - I learned a few things during both tests...

Posted Images


Took Dobs down to the river at high tide - got a few retrieves in and some fun bumpers too.


For those that don't know, that's a Novie Hull lobster boat and a small one compared to what they're building now...


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Hoping to be a bright spot in the waves of bad news lately (way too many dogs/people having a hard time here)...


Last year Dobs & I got a WCI pass but I didn't feel good about - think C-, not A+...


This year we were the test dog for the test so I could proof out the training and pass confidently, even if there was no ribbon in it.  I did this before with the WC - We need to pass with confidence, not just marginally.  Saturday we had good runs on land and some discipline items like not crossing the line all the way and attempting to pluck the bird were there but overcome to pass strongly.


Sunday was a different story - there was an "extra credit" problem added accidentally - I'll get to that.  Land series was text book with a double and distraction bird, we smashed it out.  Water was pretty straight forward with tolling first, then a double.  Bird 1 was right to left close to a decoy and a point of an island - no real suction but the left to right wind pushed the bird past the decoy and almost onto the point of the island - hid the bird pretty well.  Bird 2 was left to right but the gunner was not in a blind - a bit unusual but within the rules.


We the exposed gunner moved around a lot and Dobs was focused on him - the wind didn't help by pushing all the bird scent over too.  Bird 1 goes off, splash!  Bird 2 goes off, splash!  Dog goes out and gets bird 2, smashed it out - spit, then shake.


I stand up to line him up for the memory bird and now there's 2 gunners having a shoot-the-Sh** out in plain sight!  REALLY!?  C'mon Dudes!  Dobs is so focused on the action that even though he was lined up on the bird his head was all about the gunners.  Great - now what - well, I guess we go for it.


I send him out and he hits the water lining straight for the gunners.  We've worked on handling/lining on land but nothing on water...Will he turn if I whistle sit?  If he does, will he take the cast?  Worst case, we fail or the judges adjust the test and let me re-run...  Meanwhile, he's halfway to the gunners.


I hit the whistle - Sonofa... He curls to my left and faces me swimming - I give a large, exaggerated cast to my right and he just starts trucking straight to the bird.  He knew where it was, he just want to join the party...  He switches lines to the decoy and in a mini slow-mo-movie in my brain he bumps the decoy bill with his nose.  I turn to the judges, "Aw, he kissed the decoy."  We laughed and I knew it was a pass.  Dobs grabs the bird and swims up to the line and plonks the bird at my feet before he shakes.


As I walk back to my truck it becomes apparent that nobody saw what happened accept me, the judges and gunners...None of my training crew or friends saw what happened.  Ugh!  Such a cool thing just became a story I can tell and have nobody believe me.  In the end, we passed both days and I got a confidence boost as a bonus.  No ribbon or title but I definitely feel good about our skill level.


Now to start training for the WCX...

2021 - WCI.jpg

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Two years ago we entered Dobs in the SRHRC Started stake with the intention of keeping his skills up and to gain experience in tests while we worked on training for SH/Seasoned - The Monday after getting the first leg on Saturday the levy broke in our world - Dobs was run over by a truck - literally - and my wife was diagnosed with cancer.  The weekend was the last bright spot for quite a while...


This weekend, Dobs and I went back to the same venue with the hopes of getting the last 2 legs and getting the title.  Well, we did just that.  I was focused on running clean and passing the test - no style points, no gun handling, just passing the test.  We succeeded and picked up our title and reveled with others as they did the same.


Things are better now that the weekend has a good connotation - we can move forward knowing we finished what we started.  We've had a lot of help from "Our Pack" - including the UJ community here - wishing IrishWhistler was here to help celebrate.  He's been part of the pack since before we brought Dobs home.  Thanks to you All.  On to Seasoned/SH tests now and keep it rolling.

2021.09.13 SRHRC Title.jpg

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