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Tilting at windmills 2017

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On 12/28/2017 at 3:27 PM, atticus said:

I was able to get out Friday afternoon for a couple hours in the snow but nothing was moving.  Despite the temps I am determined to get out both tomorrow and Saturday afternoon on snowshoes for a couple hours each day.  The season closes Saturday  at 4:50PM. 

I’m in the same boat. I got out yesterday and missed a doe, twice, at last light.  She just stood there looking at me as I walked away because I didn’t have a third primer.  I’m going back tonight to se if I can get a third final chance.  Not that I deserve another chance after missing twice at 80 yards! :/

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Funny you should mentions squirrels...   I crept out to my spot 300 yards behind the house just before legal shooting light.  I left a sent wick on a limb by a scrape and near the pool, walk

I'm back out too. Had a deer trot by nose to the ground (buck?) 30 min ago but too far and fast for ID.   Heck of a good start to my season. 

Back at it this morning.  Been here a couple hours and nothing but squirrels and birds so far but a beautiful morning.         

Well.... make that 20 seasons in a row I guess.


It warmed up to about 19 this afternoon, so I took the muzzle loader for a walk in the woods behind the house for the last couple hours of the Massachusetts deer season.  There was a light snow falling and the woods snow covered with trees still bent from the Ice storm last week.  It was tough to be quiet as there was a crust of ice a few inches below the snow.  I found a snow mobile trail which helped.


Some pics from the last fruitless but fun stalk through the woods.






All animals leave traces in the woods--even a hunter who walked up, apparently saw our house and turned back.







Snowmobile track that made things a lot quieter




It was a winter wonderland out there.  Just beautiful!




My stalk took me in a big circle out and back from the house about a mile or so all told.  I finished 250 yards behind the house at the vernal pool which has been my focus all season.  There were--of course--tracks there but they looked a few days old.  I unloaded my muzzle loader into the ground along the edge.  It always gives me a feeling of satisfaction when the old TC goes off at the end of the season--it means if I had gotten a shot, the TC would've at least gone off!




It was a terrific season for me; very successful, at least in how I gauge it.  I got out a bunch of times,  saw 2 bucks and was at least in an area where there were deer around.  If I had gotten one, it would have been icing on the cake.


As it is, the story of the buck I spooked opening morning (see page 1--I thought he was a squirrel)  has gotten a lot of laughs, which is almost as good.


On to May where I'll try turkey hunting again.



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