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This isn't a high school locker room.

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Some think I am humorless or a prude. Those who actually know me, know that isn't the case, at all.


But the shear volume of Beavis & Butthead...mysognistic, homophobic, downright sophomoric, even vile and foolish posts and photos being posted lately is out of control. "What! where are they Brad?" Sorry, I typically remove or hide them. If let to gain momentum they are infectious. Otherwise resourceful Topics get driven off the rails by the class clown(s), repeatedly. If I let some go, which I do to lighten things up...unfortunately an atmosphere of "anything goes" pervades the Board and they start to multiply. I attribute it to bird hunting seasons winding down, boredom or just a disrespect for the Board Guidelines and general positive and respectful climate UJ is know for.


So, if anyone's posts or photos are suddenly amongst the missing that is why. It's never anything personal. I just have a certain standard for this Upland Community/Discussion Forums that I will not compromise on. If bored and feel the need to post doses of Hee, Hee, Ha, Ha, please think twice before posting it here. Or at the very least keep that stuff to a very, very low simmer.


Thank you.

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