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Bitching and moaning about the weather is lame. But what else is there to do when you are in frozen limbo in the northeast and elsewhere in the US of A.


Stupid cold is all I can say to describe it. -11 this morning, high of 7 degrees predicted. Same crap for the next week plus it looks like. Glad I filled oil tank recently and have a good supply of pellets on hand. I need to run furnace in between keeping living space warm with pellets, because it throws heat into the walk in basement where all the pipes live.


We are accustomed to severe weather situations up here, but this is unusual this early and this prolonged. The final week of ruffed grouse season has been a bust. Today is the final day. Might try and get out for a late afternoon hunt with Cash. 


Otherwise Happy New Year! :)


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-9 upon dawn. Tundra still starting, but I'm buying a jump starter as a backup given this winters personality. I like a well landscaped snowscape...rough in with plow...tweak with the snowthrower and

Probably because your the guy calling. 😆

Sometimes we Hunker Down 

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Too cold to snow air is too dry the work trucks are outside so they have to be started daily and run for awhile just got back in from that the diesel in the tanks is gelling even after being treated yup lots of fun.


Have to watch the dogs when they go out Poor Gizmo is having a real hard time his feet get cold and he falls down then lays there looking all forlorn I have to go and carry him into the house the other 2 are having a ball romping in the snow they dont care but still I dont let them out for long.


But it is winter in New england and it is just getting started ;) 

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Yup , used to 30-40 degrees this time of year not single digits . Cold spells last two days not two weeks . Dogs head back to the house after only a couple minutes .  We're not seeing 30* for another week . The Camp is in negative numbers , My Daughter says "not" to skiing . This sucks !

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Not too bad here. Hovering around freezing + or - during the day for the next week with lows upper teens or low twenties at night. 

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About 15 degrees here in Erie, PA. Not too bad. The problem is snow.  After a record setting 66" over Christmas weekend, we got another 12" last night.  UGH! This is starting to get serious. Even the Snowman is snowed in.




The house may be next.  



5a47b029a905a_SnowHouse.JPG.07b71410b2323e3270b532a80f1d80eb.JPG  Happy New Year.


We are well over 100" for December.  That's our yearly average.


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-3 here right now. Thankful for the wood furnace and lots of hardwood. This is actually warmer than it has been all week, averaging in the -teens to -25 last week. Had some clear days but too cold to do anything outside for long. On the bright side, good ice is forming on the lakes and fishing should be good. 

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