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All time favorite movie - pick one

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Will start.  Believe it turns 20 years old in '18.  Last night I watched it for the 3rd time, last time was about 10 years ago and it still really affects me:  Saving Private Ryan.  


How did this movie lose out in the Oscars to "Shakespeare in Love"???!!!  Or Tom Hanks not win an Oscar for what I consider his best acting job?  


What is your single favorite movie all time?  Please just pick one.

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Dang that's hard to only pick one. I'd love to mention that Daniel Day Lewis movie where he plays Hawkeye, but given one choice it would be "Dead Poet Society". 


If you haven't seen it you should. But make sure you do so when you can give it your undivided attention and soak in what the movie is saying to you. If you have teens or young adults make sure they do the same. 


Carpe Diem. 

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With all the great films over the years, how does a guy choose only one? 


"On The Waterfront" would be at the top of my list IF I had to choose one. 




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Hard to pick one.... not in order


Godfather .. Part 1 or 2

The Paper Chase .. I like Lindsay Wagner

Cool Hand Luke

Eye of the Needle

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Great movies listed so far.  I can’t do it. Every time I’ve started to respond, I talk myself out of the response and into a different movie.  Different films have spoken to me at different points and different ages in my life.  The two that I kept returning to in a dogfight for favorite are Cool Hand Luke and Hoosiers.


if going by number of times watched, Big Lebowski takes the title.

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I'm not a movie person. So... 


Unforgiven is probably my favorite of all time. Just something about it. 


I wanna say Lonesome Dove, but I'm kinda assuming it doesn't count. 



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