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All time favorite movie - pick one

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18 minutes ago, Pudgy gopher said:

My second would be "12 angry men"

Kinda surprised it took to page 5 for this one to show up.  This is one of the movies I wrestled with in my previous post on this thread.

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Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants,monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, miracles... The Princess Bride

I'll admit to being highly cultured - Monty Pyton's Search for the Holy Grail

The more of these "if you had to pick only one" type threads I read here, the more I believe UJ is frequented by a bunch of sadists...  

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Porky's! Trilogy.

Next in line would be the American Pie series. Love a great, raunchy comedy and those all fit the bill.

Of course, anything John Wayne but that goes without saying.


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A River Runs Through It.

It's responsible for me falling in love with Montana and getting a place out there.


A Sixth Sense.

Best movie ending ever.

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Cant pick oner:


Lonesome Dove


Stalking Moon

Legends of the fall

Tom Horn

The Searchers

An Unfinshed Life 

Out Of Africa

Jeremiah Johnson



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8 hours ago, Spin said:

1. Last of the Mohicans (remake starring Daniel Day Lewis) Storyline roughly based on true historic events, Authentic costumes, weapons, music, (great score)

                                            James Fenimore Cooper the author wrote a series of books called the Leather Stocking Tales of which "Mohican's" was the second and

                                            most popular. It has at times been called the first great American novel tho most literary notables today give that honor to "Moby Dick"

                                            This was a great film on so many levels


Yes. I struggled with not naming this first. Action, believable love stories, score, breathtaking cinematography, characters you care deeply for, it has something for everyone. I've been yearning to see it again. 


As for the rest of the movies, I making a list and checking it twice. There is still s lot of winter left. I hope many are on Netflix and Amazon Prime

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 You know one movie I haven’t seen mentioned is “Second Hand Lions” for some reason I liked that movie along with


How the West Was Won

The Man Who Would Be King

Lonsome Dove 

Out of Africa

Shout at the Devil


Longest Day

et. al.

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The Shootist


Jeremiah Johnson


Hombre..."I got a question for you...How you plan on getting down that hill?"


The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance




Cool Hand Luke

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Movies:  Original Blade Runner.  Next would be "Da" with Marty Sheen.


Tv:   Lonesome Dove with Tommy Lee and Robert Duvall.  For TV not going to get better than that.

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