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All time favorite movie - pick one

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True Grit, the OG but the remake was pretty good as well.


In Bruges, such a dark comical sad film.


I hold Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk down in the same high regard.


Forest Gump, Apollo 13, Road to Perdition. I'll watch any thing with Tom Hanks but these and Saving Private Ryan always get to me. 

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Are you kidding? Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants,monsters, chases, escapes, True Love, miracles... The Princess Bride

I'll admit to being highly cultured - Monty Pyton's Search for the Holy Grail

The more of these "if you had to pick only one" type threads I read here, the more I believe UJ is frequented by a bunch of sadists...  

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We're now 8 pages deep and I'll say this about that:

To have only one - soundtrack, movie, album, food, book, etc.


Is very personal - what works for me does not work for anyone else.


I really like the "Why" rather than the "Which" on the choices displayed.


Thank you Gents for saying why - It's why we gravitate to here; We all hunt but it's more than hunting that pulls us together.

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On 1/27/2018 at 8:32 PM, WMassGriff said:

The Quiet Man; Used Cars


Used Cars is awesome from the opening line on.

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Watched Liberty Valance last night inspired by a couple of posts in here.  It had been a while and one thing I like about watching a great movie the second time, you can pay a bit more attention to the dialogue.  Had to have been about a dozen great lines in that movie.  There's a scene I really like with Woody Strode as Pompey stumbling through the 1st lines of the Declaration of Independence:


Pompey : It was writ by Mr. Thomas Jefferson of Virginia.

Ransom Stoddard : Was written, Pompey.

Pompey : Written by Mr. Thomas Jefferson. And he called the Constitution.

Ransom Stoddard : Declaration of Independence.

Pompey : It begun with the words... "We hold these truths to be..." uhh...

Charlie - A Classmate : Self-evident.

Ransom Stoddard : Let him alone, Charlie.

Pompey : "Self-evident, that..." uhh... that...

Ransom Stoddard : "That all men are created equal." That's fine, Pompey.

Pompey : I knew that, Mr. Rance, but I just plumb forgot it.

Ransom Stoddard : Oh, it's all right, Pompey. A lot of people forget that part of it. You did just fine, Pompey.

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Yup i am the odd ball... Give me "On Golden Pond" any day of the week. Stress free kind of movie. Enough stress in the day. Like relaxing movies...

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On ‎1‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 7:32 AM, Auto-5 said:

 You know one movie I haven’t seen mentioned is “Second Hand Lions” for some reason I liked that movie along with


How the West Was Won

The Man Who Would Be King

Lonsome Dove 

Out of Africa

Shout at the Devil


Longest Day

et. al.

Great cast start to finish, great movie. Both the wife and I have watched and re watched it several times.Come to think about, "The Wind and the Lion" was another really good view.

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My one favorite movie---------

The Sting


2001, A Space Odyssey

Dr Strangelove

Paths of Glory


Men in Black

Treasure of Sierra Madre   (We don' got no badges, -----)

Maltese Falcon   (The stuff that dreams are made of(sic))

Among many others


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Just one? That's a tough one to say the least like others have said, but I'll take it from the point of stranded on a desert island POV so something entertaining repeatedly, but nothing depressing about it as well and I would have to go with A Fish Called Wanda, second choice would be Rocky 2

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While I'm NOT a fan of most of the Hollywood types, I DO enjoy good movies - yeah, inconsistent, I know.


There are many really good movies, some of which other have named here.  Not sure what is my favorite one, but that was the question asked, so I'll try going with The Patriot with Mel Gibson.

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17 minutes ago, Spin said:

Wonder when Da Nortern guy's pipe up and mention Escanaba in the moonlight


Dat's more of a documentary for dem.

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14 minutes ago, sprocket said:


Dat's more of a documentary for dem.

Yah Yah, you betcha   ( My heart lies in the UP waiting for the time when my ashes will  join it and rest there permanently among friends and loved ones. In the mean time my A$$ is stuck in the Land Of The Dairy Air!)   :)

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