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Member Blog Sub-Forum Rules

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This Forum is in a Test Period to see how it pans out.


I've created this Sub-Forum for UJ Members to share their personal Blogs, Upland websites and Upland YouTube videos. I would like to keep those Upland themed: Bird Hunting, Birddogs, Shotguns, Shooting etc., but that's not written in stone. So Blog away at this point. (I chose General Discussions as the "parent" Forum because the Birddogs & Hunting Forum is getting Sub-Forum heavy but may move it there later.)


Both Donating/2018 Contributing Members Group and the Members Groups can post to this Sub-Forum.


PLEASE NOTE: This new Sub-Forum is not to be used for blatant marketing and advertising of Online Businesses. I prefer Upland Themed websites and Personal Member Blogs, and YouTube Channels be posted about, discussed and linked to.


Please do not Post, promote or link other Upland Bulletin Boards/Discussion Forums or Facebook Groups.



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