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Bought a new Canoe for the Van

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Steve Van Dis

Fantastic deal. The Guide series is a fantastic choice. Hope you get a lot of miles out of it.

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On 2/27/2018 at 6:32 PM, scottspec2 said:

Got the boat out for it's first paddle with us. Generally, I like it. Super stable. In a kneeled position I was able to drop the gunwale to within an inch of the water comfortably and with stability. The side chines really do some work, you can basically feel them lock in when you rock the sides down. It was also stable enough to stand up and fly cast out of comfortably. The only down side: the seats. Originally my thought was only to replace the front one so I could use it to solo paddle, but after two days of testing they'll both be going. They are super slippery and your butt slides off constantly, they don't stay up when you slide out of them, and are only comfortable sitting directly forward, which makes pivoting for casting and shooting a chore. All in all though, I like it. Plus we got to harass some local quackers with the camera for a bit.


full blog post https://scottandwatson.wordpress.com/


I have the same boat and feel the same as you.  Great, stable boat - not real fast with horrible seats.  If it is in decent condition, $275 is a $teal.  Hope you post your change to the seats as I have not replaced mine yet and need encouragement. 


Also on the agenda, add oarlocks for the 7 foot oars I have from my pontoon boat.  I have done that before with a Discovery and it really scoots with oars.

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