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Favorite LL Bean items

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I've bought a whole bunch of stuff from Bean over the last few years or so; far more than I had in the previous two decades.   But after Friday's announcement I might just need to spend my m

I have been doing business with Beans for over 50yrs now and my father bought a lot of stuff there long before me.  My favorite item has always been the Maine Hunting Shoe, but I wear their vests for

I agree with George...   Without getting political, I've got five grandchildren in school, and I don't feel that ole LL has thrown me under the bus one bit..

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2 hours ago, GB Jack said:

Their light brush pants are a staple 

Oh yeah! Forgot about the 2 pair I bought on the Swap/Trade forum this year. I love them!

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Been wearing their flannel and chamois for over 40 years. They last forever but do need replaced every so often as they don't seem to fit as well as when first purchased. Too tight. Go figure.

Their hunting pants with the tick collars  have been great , as has the canvas hunting coat. Socks and sweaters have been another staple.

I like the hunting shoe and have worn them for many years. They work for me.

Every year on our trip down east we spend a night in Freeport and spend too much money at Beans. Never regretted a purchase. Even bought a gun last year to go with all my Beans wardrobe.

What I miss the most is the original store. What a wonderful place. I do remember the spruce gum!

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In my college days I loved their khaki's and chamois shirts.  I also had a heavy wool sweater that was kind of itchy. 

I like my 8" Bean Boots, aside from that I've come to prefer Cabela's clothing and gear.

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Their Maine Game Warden coat. Absolutely the best coat I've ever owned! Bought it 34 years ago and should have bought several, although this one is still going strong and I wear it all of the time. The design was genius, it's warm, keeps me dry and is comfortable too.


Cresta Hiking Boots. Beyond comfortable right out of the box. I wear them not only hiking, but going shopping, etc., etc. Wear like iron too.


Chopper Mittens. REALLY warm, durable and easy off and on. 


Spruce Gum. Still have a couple in the original boxes.

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