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Baitcasting tackle fans?

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The musky guide service I have gone with several times had us use bait casting gear. With magnetic brakes sure are easy to use.

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These were stacked up in high water and made for a fun mixed bag. More came out of this hole, but that's all the picture snapping I had in me.   I think the fishing bug is back.

call me Mr. Backlash.    

OK, so what if I'm a crude man? I like bait casting gear! I also keep some good spinning outfits handy.    Here are a couple of my lightweight casting rigs. (The tip of the iceberg...)

Bought a bait caster and had it filled with line.  Attached a weight and took it to a friend who said he knew how to cast them.  He thumbed the release and the weight hit the ground.  That was the worst snarl I've ever seen and remains through today.  Except maybe this one.



New line had to be cut out but I did learn about setting the drag.  Was not able to match the accuracy of spinning equipment in my hands and since I don't really want to catch up to the TV fishing pros who cross a Hawg's eyes setting hooks I've kept that rod and reel in reserve.  I generally keep the drag on a spinning outfit set on the light side and adjust in-fight as needed.  Mitchell 300/308 and other variations on the theme for me.  I can use spincast outfits to good effect, don't know why I find it so hard to be just as accurate with a baitcaster. 

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I don't know how many times I've been at the beach after dark and heard stripers busting in the surf; and in my excitement I absolutely blow up my bait cast real.  There's little hope of recovering from a good Spyderwire backlash in the dark.  Just have to pack it in and go get dinner, save the mess for daylight.  Bait casters are a PITA, don't know why I like to use them.

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I love bait casters for trolling and casting plugs and spoons for lakers and pike in Canada. Abu Garcia 5500C and a 550 Plus with new boca bearings, as well as a smaller shimano. Great fun.  

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Adjust the reel properly and most of that goes away. Your free spool is way to loose. I adjust my free spool so that the lure or weight will pull the line off smoothly and stop at the floor without backlashing. My first was a Zebco direct drive I bought new at the Rod and Gun Club at Sembach Air Base in Germany, about 1966. Now that was a hard one to learn on! Today level wind is my favorite reel. Have a Garcia 2500, 5500 and 6500 plus a Pflueger Rocket, Shakespere SKP 2000  Diawa line counter and an Ocuma line counter. Oh yes, still have the Zebco too. Forgot also have a small Quantlm Code set up on a light rod with 4# line, fun to catch small mouth's with! Then this past summer I got out to learn to catch crappie and after years of non use got out a ultra light spin reel and used it. Darn near had to learn all over! I love my level winds. Wish I could cast my 1/8th oz jigs with one!

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