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Are you loyal to a car manufacture

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I've had vehicles from most makers and the only really bad ones were a 2001 Dodge truck and a 1996 Chevy Corsica.  We just traded my 2004 Silverado for a new Forester for my wife and I inherited her 2010 RAV4.  I will probably stick with Toyota and Subaru going forward since we've had to do nothing but maintenance on the ones we've had.

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I am partial to Dodge. On my 2nd one now. Have owned a 1972 Sierra w/454 in it, 1985 F150, 1992 GMS I bought new that lasted me until 2005 then my son had it for a couple more years. Took that truck some interesting places. Worst truck was the 2002 Dakota I had. Freaking lemon! Also owned a few cars, most fun one was my 1976 Trans Am, dang that thing could move!

Current Ram is 2014. Very nice truck. I hope to keep it going for quite a few years as I don't want new truck payments again. If, however I were to find employment I liked (Current job pays well but sucks) I would be looking long and hard at the Tundra.

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